Sunday, March 26, 2006

A family secret....

Well, it's finally happened. We have to face the inevitable in our home. We've tried to deny it...tried to ignore the warning signs, but it's just gone on for way too long. We don't know if it's genetic or possibly something we have subjected him too when he was small. It's a sad situation and we feel that we may have to have some type of intervention.....but, yes.....our.....our
okay...I'll just come right out and say it....OUR CAT CANNOT HOLD HIS "LICKER"!

Whew....that wasn't easy. Yes, our cat is a LICKER...he's addicted to plastic. He licks it in the the afternoon...he sneaks into the garbage can at night and pulls out any plastic bags he can find. Yesterday, he hit rock bottom when he threw up on the window sill after "binge licking."
He's even gone so far as to pull out the little wrapped packages of hygiene products from the bathroom just to lick the plastic. He cries at the bathroom thinking that I'm throwing them away without his knowing. I'm guilty of contributing to his addiction, I admit....I'm an enabler! Is there a Dr Phil for cats and their owners?
I just wanted to get that out in the open before you think I'm who I'm not.....yes....I admit...I have an addicted cat! Now you know it.....
Okay...with that out craziness out of the way.....I'm going to bed.....that was too stressful for, till tomorrow......don't let the cat get your tongue....(he-he) Tootles! P.S. Thanks for all the nice compliments on my pics guys are great!