Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Strip....

Okay...get your minds out of the gutter...sorry, this is a G-rated post. It's all about the Strip District in downtown Pittsburgh. Saturday morning is a great time to hit the Strip District in Pittsburgh. It's an area in Pittsburgh very close to the main downtown area that is full of cool stores and fun places to go. We went there this morning specifically for the fish market. Here are a couple of pics of the Strip and Wholey's Fish Market.

The pics don't really give you the atmosphere of the really have to be there. There are people everywhere and lots of music and some street musicians and everything from food to books to kitchen supplies and flowers and t-shirts and all sorts of inside and outside vendors. It's fun to just experience it. We never even really hit everything but we do go to Wholey's Market to get the fish. This is a picture of the fisherman that greets you when you walk in. We bought some lobster tails for one night when the son isn't home and we want a romantic dinner for two.

There are alot of ethnic shops there also as well as alot of outdoor dining places. It's just fun to go there on a Spring like Saturday morning as this was.

Unfortunately I didn't run into any yarn shops but we did get some cool things at a couple of Kitchen and Wine stores. Believe it or not, I do enjoy those stores even tho cooking isn't my favorite pasttime. Sweetie man enjoys them even more being the cook he is.
So if ever you are in Pittsburgh, take a ride to the Strip on a Saturday morning......and tell them, Lucy sent ya (even tho they may look at you sorta weird like!) Till tomorrow....tootle-lu!