Sunday, January 16, 2011

Stayin warm and cozy...

Yep, that's what I'm doin'...stayin' warm and cozy,craftin' and watching tv. (Okay, I do hit the treadmill every so day I may actually get on it instead of just hitting it.) Anyway, besides what I CAN'T show you cause it was shipped out on Saturday to the lucky recipients (and you know who you are....then again, maybe you don't) this is what I am working on.
At my last cross stitch get together (January was cancelled due to bad weather...bummer), it was the day before my birthday, the ladies coerced me to purchase one of the hearts done on 10 ct and stitch it. I spent the money of course and did it. I really like working on 28-32 ct anything, so this was a change for me. But I actually LIKE it. Learning lots of new types of stitches too.
These patterns are from Sekas & Co. All of the hearts are so adorable.
My second thing I'm working on is a mobius scarf. But instead of knitting or crocheting it, I decided to try the knifty knitter. Had to watch a few youtubes to remember how to use it, but it's coming back to me. Knifty knitter's are so easy and with using only one strand of woolease, it's coming out nice and lacy-like
I made myself a dowel tree a few years back and now that Christmas is over, I took off the cross stitch ornies and decided to replace them with crochet hearts in red, pink and white. Here are a couple of the pink ones. There are alot of patterns for crochet hearts online so I just picked one that was easy and quick.
That's about it for now. Have a couple of cross stitch patterns I'm going to start also, will show you the progress on those shortly. Just keeping my fingers busy and my mind occupied in hopes that the winter months will fly by...I'm not real fond of cold weather.
So with that said, hope everyone who is in the cold months, stay warm, and those who aren't...know that I'm jealous! Till next time yinz crazy guys.....
It's fun to learn different stitches and the thread is soooooo nice. I'm thinking of doing this into a pillow and maybe doing more of these hearts. They are quick to work up for sure.


Meadows08 said...

I love your crocheted hearts and can't wait to see how your scarf turns out!

mimi said...

I love the x-st heart, and your knifty knitter project, cool!
So neat and crafty as always, Lucy :)

Annie said...

Love that you are trying so many different things. Who would have thought that 10ct stitching could be so cool!

The mathematician in me loves the idea of mobius scarf and that loom looks a lot easier than double pointed needles.

Your crocheted hearts are looking just perfect. When I make more than one of something, they never come out the same size.

Stay warm!

Margaret said...

Love the little hearts! That knitting device is interesting! I'm interested to see the end result for sure! Nice WIP as well. Thanks for commenting on my blog!

Sally said...

Love your crocheted hearts and your new start is lovely.

Tammy said...

The knitting is great! And those Sekas designs are so much fun to stitch-what a great start. That's going to be pretty!