Thursday, August 19, 2010

A finish and surprises...

Trying to do a little better job of posting plus I was super excited to get this finished. It was a gift for our Youth Pastor at our church....belated birthday present. Did my own pin and tap framing too.

The pattern is from and is a freebie. There is a Spanish version also for $4.00 that I'm going to attempt in shades of blue. (Sweetie Man is fluent in Spanish) I did this one with Crescent Colors..specifically Ruby Slippers. The pattern on the site shows various DMC reds. I don't usually work on aida but this is 16ct and fit nicely in the 10 X 14 frame.
Below is a picture of Pastor Donna getting it. Her FAVORITE color is RED. I think she liked it, don't you?

Next is an BEAUTIFUL cross stitched box I recieved from Aubree in a "For The Birds" Exchange with the HOE group. The picture does not do it justice. I was so excited to recieve this. Those ladies in that group are fabulous stitchers to say the least.

The inside was just as beautiful inside with a lovely set of pins which I use all the time for counting stitches and squares. Thank you so much for this lovely exchange, Aubree.

A couple of swap bot exchanges I received. This is the CUTE Strawberry Dotee I received on Swap-Bot. I've got to get my butt in gear and finish mine to send next week...I'm so last minute.

This was the Denim and Lace Dotte Cutie I received on Swap-Bot. I'm in such a dotee mood lately. Just love this little dolls!

Well, that's about it. Playing nurse this weekend as Sweetie Man has a bit of a viral infection, but he's under doctor's care and I think he'll be just fine. I'm confining him to bed for most of the weekend so that means more stitching time for me as I tend to the till next time, yinz crazy guys!


Annie said...

Gorgeous framed finish. Looks like your pastor was pretty excited to receive it.

And your mailbox seems to have been pretty full lately with those cute exchange gifts. Love your Dotees (and especially the one you made for the denim x-change).

Hazel said...

Everything is beautiful on this post! x

ollie1976 said...

Great stitching!

LG said...

Beautiful work, Lucy! Pastor Donna definitely liked it!

Sally said...

What a lovely finish Lucy.

Hope Sweetie Man is feeling much better soon.

Gaggle of Geisslers said...

Beautiful gift! Wonder if it will be harder to do in Spansish since you don't know the language.