Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween yinz guys! Had to post this pic of my son in his halloween you believe this???

It's a little son is actually 6 ft tall.
He and DIL went on a Halloween Cruise on the River last night. She dressed as a student from Harry Potter. Last year they were Adam and Eve....that was funny! everyone I'm battling the tazmanian poopies...AKA bad head cold. I think I'm on the last leg of it cause at least my nose is not tickling and maybe I can at least get back to stitching. Had to stop for a day due to constant sneezing...UGH!
Anyway, wanted to show you a couple of pics of the Stitch Fest I attended a few weeks ago.

This is like the highlight of our stitching group when our LNS holds this at a local country club. All day stitching and buying goodies with a great lunch and loads of freebies. I even was able to sell some of my ort catchers....tho the money went back into buying stuff.
Oh, well, gonna relax a bit more today and hopefully I'll be back to almost normal tomorrow. Sweetie Man is spoiling me cause I'm sick (I secretly love it!) till next time, yinz crazy guys!!!


Tammy said...

Love your son's costume! Made me LOL!

Meari said...

Stitchfest looks like a wonderful time. Your son's costume is way too funny!