Thursday, April 02, 2009


Definately my favorite season of the year and now with our wedding anniversary falling right in the middle of it, all the more reason to get away. A few ladies asked me about our plans and our plans include an enjoyable drive to our favorite state...MICHIGAN!!! We love going there to visit family and in September there will be an extra family member to visit when my stepdaughter and hubby and grandson welcome a little bundle of joy into their family! We're so excited! So our first wedding anniversary will be spent with our "matron of honor, best man, and ringbearer"! (my maid of honor and my escort down the aisle, aka DIL and Son, on that wonderful day will be babysitting the dogs at home!)
So, with that out of the way, I've been in this crafting frenzy and can't wait to show you some stuff.
First off are a couple more cross stitched kisses. Actually the butterfly I showed before but without the backstitching and the new one, sunny kiss (not sure if that's the name) is on the right.

This is the February Cup O'Tea completed but without the buttons. I know I've said it before, but I just love these colors. I'm working on the February Teapot now.

These are some fabrics I "baked and basted" according to a tutorial on the Twisted Stitcher's site. I love these!!!! The left is a Belfast linen and the right is a 28 ct evenweave. After I did the initial dying process, I was sorta bummed that the mottled staining wasn't there....THEN I baked and basted and's awesome! But again, I love this look!!

I even started using one of the pieces above on this New England Village by Carriage House Samplings. I fell in love with at 123 Stitch (best prices and shipping rates ever!!).

And this is a teenie tiny more progress on my Village of Hawk Run Hollow. I figured at this rate I should finish by the time I'm 82. Only 30 more years.
Oh....and check out these awesome Q-snap huggers on the piece above and below. Christina at Forever Cowgirl makes these at a great price and she even has a great sale now. She has many different sizes and fabrics to choose from and they are pre-washed and smell so good when she sends them to you. I love these. (I found out the hard way that pre-washing is important...the one hugger I made, not nearly as nice as these, dyed a piece of mine a nice shade of blue in spots)
These are great and holds that extra fabric that is hanging in the back of your piece that is annoying and gets in the way when your stitching.

That's about it for now though I do have to tell you about an April Fools joke that hubby played on me. I've just joined swap-bot and really like it but I'm new to the site and don't know too much about it. To make a long story short, he texted me from some bogus number saying that he was from Swap Bot Central and I just won swapper of the week and go to blah-blah site to collect my prize. I fell for it so much so that when I couldn't get to the site named, I sent an email to the swap-bot administrators telling them this. Needless to say I sent a follow up apologizing for the inconvenience once I found out I'd been fooled! Today I got an email from swap-bot suggesting I join their NEWBIE GROUP....I think they realized I was blonde!!
Oh, well, that's it for now.......hope you're day is as beautiful as ours is here....till next time, yinz crazy guys.


Netter said...

Ah yes, April Fools FAVORITE day of the year! He really got you!

You sure are a buys stitcher. I'm more like a busy TV watcher these days. Actually I have been going through all my craft supplies while watching atleast I get something done.

We have theee babies on the way in our family. I would have been four but my Cousin lost hers...very sad. My other Cousin was due yesterday...and hasn't popped yet. The Third Cousin is due in July and broke her ankle while getting out of her car last week. Last but not least, my Sister is giving The Rue a baby sibling. Rue has come around to the idea. When they first told her though, she said, No! Mommy, Daddy, Rue, NO BABY!"

Tammy said...

LOL at your DH's joke on you. Bad boy! Love those holds, and your little kisses are SO cute!!

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

I love your kisses ;) And your fabric is AWESOME :) The mottling comes with the baking and basting...looks great doesn't it?
And your New England village is awesome too! Those huggers are cute :)
Have a great weekend!

Ranae said...

The Kisses are adorable.
I love that fabby you coffee stained, it's fun and you can make it a desired look if you want.
I need to get a few of them huggies. It looks like you get that big piece of VoHRH all the way in. What kind of thread are you using? I just started a few X's on my VoHRH with DMC, but am thinking and checking out silks, decisions! decisions! lol.
DMC is alot cheaper.

stitcherw said...

Your kisses are looking so cute, what a fun series. The teapot series is also a fun one. Great job on the fabric, it looks wonderful. Prefect for so many projects.

Sally said...

Love your WIPs, Lucy, and your fabby looks fantastic! I'm yet to try this.

Laughing at the April Fools your DH played on you!

Sharon said...

Your projects are looking great!

LG said...

I like it so much the way your blog looks, Lucy! I´m happy you finally have Spring, after such a long cold Winter! Enjoy!