Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Two simple words....


Politics means there'll be a lot of talking
But, citizen, there's just no room for squawking
'Cause whatever floats your boat
If you don't take time to vote
You can whine, you can complain
'Til you drive the world insane
But no words can justify
Or provide a reason why
You let go of Freedom's mallet
If you didn't cast your ballot
Parties left and parties right
Down the middle, out of sight
Watch your gas gauge, guard your health
God forbid you count on wealth
When your budget's in the red
And you lie awake in bed
If you feel the urge to blame
Lest you call them out by name
You can leave it all to fate
Or go vote – 'fore it's too late

(Written by my very own Sweetie Man.....Please vote, yinz guys!!!!)