Friday, May 25, 2007


I keep forgetting about Photo Hunters!!! (must be old age!!!) Anyway, this week's theme is "Cooked/ing" so of course you know that I'm going to post a Sweetie Man selection...excepted it wasn't cooked it was baked (same thing I guess) It was the first thing that came to mind for me anyway. Last week I made one of those Jello Cakes (the ones where you poke the holes in and pour the jello in the holes in the cake?). It turned out fabulous and everyone just ate it up. The Sweetie Man loves to take things ONE STEP FURTHER (aka "Kick it up a Notch")..."if we can do this, THEN how 'bout we try THIS!" Ya know what I mean? So he took the jello cake recipe and made a pudding cake recipe...using pudding in place of jello. He bought a pastry bag and the everything....he was excited about this. Unfortunately, it didn't work up quite as he had planned......

Where's the pudding? We couldn't figure that one out other than he just didn't make big enough holes and get enough pudding in there. You could taste a little bit of the pudding but that was about it. Either was a delicious cake!!! I personally get a thrill watching him working out one of his ideas!!! Oh, well!

In the craft department, not much to show yinz guys. Been working on this wedding thing and that's about all. Here is where I'm at on it now...

This is what it is supposed to look like when it's complete. Actually the outside borders are alot easier than they look believe it or not. The difficult part is the swan area.
I plan on taking it camping this weekend and working on it alot so I'll post my progress when I return on Monday. I'm trying to get all the outside work done by the end of May and work on the scene area (bottom half) through June. That's the part that is really difficult. I ordered these magnifying glasses to place on top of my glasses to help me with it. I currently have this thing that goes around my neck but at times it gets a bit cumbersome if you know what I mean. Just pray I can finish it in time for the wedding!

Well, now we are heading out camping for the weekend. It's a one room cabin (only beds). All cooking is done outside and such. Sorta like tenting except there's a small cabin instead of the tent. Can't wait!!!! Knowing how nervous I am about leaving the dogs in the care of my 19 year old...let alone the house for 4 days....the Sweetie Man came up with this little ditty of a poem. It definately made me laugh at how silly I am for being nervous! So enjoy, yinz guys, and have a great weekend...till next time....


We’re gonna go camping this weekend
It’s more than a bit overdue
And the thought of the solitude thrills us
Oh, we’re gonna have fun
That’s what we’re gonna do
No matter if doin’ it kills us

Three dogs and a cat and a turtle
We’re leaving behind in the dust
And we swear we won’t be lookin’ back
The son says he’s got the To-Do list
Domestically not one to trust
Here’s hoping he develops the knack

The weather appears to be iffy
But a roof we’ll enjoy overhead
Alone just us two’s all we’re asking
A cabin of logs ends our journey
No frills, just 4 walls and a bed
And with luck, maybe sun for the basking

A fridge filled with pizzas and cold cuts
And plenty of pop for the drinking
We ask ourselves “What could go wrong?”
A gal pal for those constant reminders
Who’s wondering “What are they thinking?”
Is 2 ½ days really that long?


Kare said...

Great poem.
Have fun.
Be good.
; )

-tnchick- said...

Mmm, that makes me hungry...

The theme is Colorful (well, starting tomorrow) but I think you meant this for last week. Right?

Great cabin photo and that poem is tops, too.

Ranae said...

The cake looks yummy! Nice WIP. Love the pics and nice poem. Have a great weekend. Ranae

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Enjoy the camping trip! And tell that man of yours to use a wooden spoon to make the holes for the pudding and add the pudding while the cake is still warm, makes it flow into the holes better! just want to help! Your stitching looks great too!

Jaye said...

Have a wonderful time camping! I'm jealous, it's one of my top favourite vacations! I hope you're going to take losts of pics to share :)

Mimi said...

Goodluck on the x-stitch wedding gift, its beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Happy Camping. I hope you don't get soaked. We're having rain this weekend. X-stitch looks great. Your hubby writes beautifully, does he still have his blog?

Anonymous said...

It's a fun poem. Have a great time camping this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Okay, phew! You are in a cabin. I was worried for a minute there. Your son will be fine! I'm sure he'll take good care of the dogs and himself. :o) Enjoy your weekend!

stitcherw said...

Cute poem, and the cabin looks wonderful, what a relaxing getaway. The wedding sampler is going to be lovely, love the swans at the bottom.