Thursday, December 28, 2006

Today is the day!!!!!

Oh, yeah...Today is the day Chloe gets her stitches out!!!! WOOOO-HOOOOO! Her lump has gone down alot and she is ready to rock!!!! No more more more anything!!! I love when a plan comes together!!!!! that I got that out of the way, I hope your holidays are as great as mine. I consider it "holiday time" until January 5 when the tree comes down! I got some cool gifts from Santa too! Like this really really nice Starbuck Barista Coffeemaker (I'm still learning how to use it tho)

And the coffee (Starbucks brand of course) is ahhhhhhhh MAGNIFICO!!!!!
As well as all this neat stuff...(note the nice JoAnn Gift Card....oh, yeah!)

That little knobby thing at the bottom left is a piece of Polish pottery made into a wine cork. This type of clay is only found in Poland and handmade. I own a couple of other pieces also....wonderful to have being as I'm from 100% Polish ancestry.

This next gift is from my son(can't wait to wear this to my brother's house who is a die-hard University of Pittsburgh fan...hee-hee...probably won't let me in his house!)

And this nice stash.....
I musta been a goooooood girl!!!!
Christmas Eve we went to church then enjoyed some tasty hor'd oeuvres made by the Sweetie Man. Christmas Day we just chilled and the Sweetie Man made a delicious Cornish Hen dinner for all of us(which I forgot to take pics of). Then throughout the week we are just enjoying the tree, playing with new stuff and just relaxing. Work has even been pretty slow and quiet as well.

I did manage to finish this up for my neighbor's new baby....
Just a little ornament. I haven't heard from her yet about it, so I hope they liked it. (she's into frogs!)

I'm still working on the cross stitch mastif...
Don't know when that will be done though. I wanted to give it to my neighbor before the holidays were over but it may be a little late. It's very addicting to work on....when I get in the mood to do something, I can't stop.
I got a cool bag from Santa too that holds yarn with holes in the top to bring the yarn through which I've already loaded with a project, a beautiful butterfly ring, a tea cup in the shape of a heart, some CD's, and a bunch of other really great things. Much more than I ever expected!!!
Other than going to work, I pretty much hibernate inside and do crafts. Tho, Sue at Good Yarns is giving me the itch to work on some jigsaw puzzles too!!!! My mind just doesn't want to stop lately!!! I almost hate to go to bed at night cause I'm having so much fun doing stuff!
Oh, well, that's it for now and the summary of our Christmas activities...gonna go do something fun besides blogging and enjoy the evening with the Sweetie Man! So, go find someone to slow dance with and enjoy the rest of my man, Rod! Till tomorrow, yinz guys!!!


Deneen said...

Oh that coffee pot is so shiny and stainlessy (LOL). Nice pressies. The cross stitch projects came out nicely too.

I'm taking a break from tree taking down-yes, I bit the bullet and am taking it down and it'll all be down by tomorrow night this time.

Anonymous said...

Rod Stewart rocks! *swoon* Way cool gifties, Lucy! You are one lucky gal! I'm sure your neighbor loves that cute froggy ornie - it's so darn cute! Enjoy your evening with SweetieMan and have a cuppa joe for me.

Anonymous said...

Yay for little Chloe - I'm so glad to her that she has her stitches out now and will be her happy self again - all the best to her!
And what a great haul for XMas, you really got a lot of goodies - I adore the coffee maker!

Anonymous said...

A girl after my own veins! A coffee machine for christmas!!! Ugh, I so wish for one of those. Very nice other Santa gifties also. Polish stoneware they sell too on QVC. I own 1-2 pieces. Very pretty. Unique. I'm not Polish just love it too. Anyways, I wish yuns a very Happy New Year 2007!

Anonymous said...

P.s. I bet puppy is glad to be rid of those stitches too. I am happy she is healed!

LG said...

Hi Lucy! That coffeemaker looks professional and cool! How great to have Starbucks in your own kitchen!
The gifts you got are sensational!

ollie1976 said...

So happy that Chloe got her stitches out.
Looks like you made out well, even though you didn't get non cookbooks!

Tina said...

Lucy, you better put on a pot of that Starbucks coffee, I'm coming over! LOL ;) Wow! That is awesome. I saw that Stitch and Bitch calendar at Borders the other night and came * this close to buying it. Everything looks so much fun.

My husband is from Polish ancestry too. (Not 100% though..)

Oh, and I love the snowflakes on your blog! How did you do that? (I'm still computer illiterate...) Very cute!

Tina said...

Forgot to say I'm glad your puppy got her stitches out. Hope she is back to normal soon.

Anonymous said...

I bet Chloe (and you) is really happy to have those stitches out. Cool coffee pot! You got lots of nice pressies. The cross stitch mastif is looking really good.

stitcherw said...

What great presents, and I love the little frog, very cute. Have a Happy New Year.