Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A little change of pace

Hey, I don't know about you, but I do tend to change crafts every so often. I've always done alot of different crafts and enjoy trying out new things but I do have ones I especially like. Crocheting is of course one of them and I'm really getting hooked on knitting, but I do love my cross stitch. I've really been in the mood to do some and show some of the ones I'm working on. I've been also visiting some cross stitch blogs and adding them to my bloglines hoping to meet some people on that end. I've notice that some ladies in the Cal Pal I'm in do some cross stitch also. I really enjoy redwork too and have done some pillows on that end.
Well, anyway, on Saturday I happened to visit a great cross stitch shop a couple of miles from my house and that really put me in the mood. So much so that I got a incredible cross stitch of a Mastif which looks exactly like my Eros' mom who lives next door. I started it in hopes of giving it to my neighbors but I'm going to make it sorta like from Eros' to his mom for Christmas. I'm really excited about finishing it not that I don't have other WIP cross stitch projects to do....but I wouldn't be a true crafter if I didn't, I always say. Anyway, I thought I would show you a couple of pics of some completed projects I've done. This first one I did a long time ago but I've always loved the saying:

This second one was a gift to Sweetie Man. I made the frame from a dollar store frame with glued on sticks. I really like this one.

I have so many cross stitch patterns I want to do I can't even count. I especially love doing small ornament projects or ones you can make small stand up items that are stuffed. My fingers are itching.
On a different note, the puppies graduate next week...there will definately be pics on that. We are supposed to play some fun games with them so it will be a great time. We probably didn't do the homework as much as we should have, but we still got alot out of it, I think anyway. We still have work to do but at least we are headed in the right direction. And speaking of heads, my older dog, Katie, nipped little Chloe in the face the other seems all the dogs were crowding in the doorway and things got a little tense. No blood but Chloe got a small abcess and lump near her eye and now she's on antibiotics and inflammatory medicines. Looks like it's healing already and she doesn't seem to mind the extra treats that the medicines are hidden in.
Oh, well, that's it for tonight. Just wanted to let you all know that I'm adding a few things here and there with the cross stitch and hope you can let me know a little about any cross stitching or needlework you do. I'll leave you with some adorable pics the Sweetie Man took of the "peeps" the other day.....enjoy! (it's hard to believe that Chloe, on the left, is 5 1/2 months old and Eros, on the right, is almost 4 months.......what have I gotten myself into????)


Cheryl:) said...

I used to do alot of cross stitch too. I am like you, I go from craft to craft. Like most of them!!!!

Those are some awfully cute puppies you have there!!!

Anonymous said...

Your cross stitches look great. You should talk to Nancy at cal pals about her cross stitch group she runs.

Your puppies are sooo Cute!!

ollie1976 said...

As you know from my blog, I've been doing lots of crafts lately-your finished work is beautiful.
And the cute!

LG said...

I like that saying too!
Hey, Kitty send an e-mail at Eros page!

Anonymous said...

Cute! Cute! Cute! Cute cross stitch and cute puppies!!

Anonymous said...

omg! Your puppies are so big now!
I didn't know that you were a cross stitcher, too. But I should have known. (Cross stitch is the best)
; )
Missed you.

Christy said...

That Darn Eros has my heart! What a cute puppy face!

You're a lucky Lady!

Anonymous said...

Boo! How is it going. I know I have been a stuck up snob and such. Just wanted to say hi. Everything is looking good. TTYL!!

Anonymous said...

I'm always trying different crafts but I've never tried cross stitch. There never seems to be enough time to do everything.

Eros is so cute, and growing!

Anonymous said...

Love the work you have done Lucy!