Monday, June 05, 2006

Just makin friends...

I had a nice evening tonight. A couple of summer's ago we had about 5 empty houses on my they are all full. It's really nice because my neighbor directly next door is very friendly and talky in a funny sorta way. She's fun to listen too. Anyway, she came over and started talking then her son's girlfriend came over, then another neighbor came over and we were all talking and laughing. The best part was that the neighbor that was really new and that I was sorta being shy towards came over and I got to know her and her husband and vice versa. I was really glad to hear that she is quitting smoking being that she is pregnant. It was nice and now I won't be so shy around the was like a girl's night out on my porch.
Okay, enough of that chit chat....I did want to show you the yarn I got when I went to that yarn store and the dpn's.
I thought the yarn was a little expensive. I'm going to look for just the right sock pattern for them that's easy so I can start them after I finish the pair for my swap partner. Also, a few weeks ago, I ordered this book from Amazon.

I found it on Amazon one day and thought it would be a good reference book. It has alot of stitches in it that's for sure. Any of you have this one? Let me know what you think if you do.
Well, that's it for tonight. Didn't get alot done this evening....but sometimes just making friends is worth the clothes waiting another day to be put away. Till tomorrow....tootles!


Sydney Harper said...

Good neighbors are worth their weight in gold. I don't have that particular book but I have a few other stitch books and I use them a lot. I have an old Reader's Digest Needlework book that has a little bit of everything - knitting, crochet, embroidery, needlepoint, etc. I love that book.

Mimi said...

Good to know you had a wonderful time making new friends, Lucy!
Cant wait to see what you make from the nice yarn you bought ;)

Kare said...

Sounds like a really nice evening.
That yarn is so colorful. It's happy yarn! It looks like it stripes and has another pattern in it too. Did you ever finish your other sock?

Unknown said...

Gorgeous yarn. I am always out talking to my neighbors. Geez I even cook for them. We have a great neighborhood and the people are the nicest around. Sounds like you had a grand time. Its fun getting to know the new people.

Anonymous said...

Oh, gorgeous yarn! I love Lana Grossa - it's pretty expensive over here as well, but the results are always worth it, it's simply great! Have fun knitting with it!

Jaye said...

What pretty yarn! Have you been knitting long? You did such a nice job on your previous sock(s) - forgive me,it's late and I can't really remember if you completed just the one or the pair.

I've never come across that book, but it looks very interesting. Right now I'm strictly on a no-buy policy, lol. But it looks great.

It's always nice to read about other's positive experiences with their neighbors. We have a very quiet neighbourhoood and not many people socialize with others and they aren't very open to newcomers -- even those who have been here for 10 years. People tend to stick to their backyards which are large and pretty heavily wooded. Kind of sad. I'm so happy for you that you had such a lovely time! Yay!