Tuesday, April 11, 2006

If every day is a gift.....

If every day is a gift....I'd like to know where to return TUESDAY'S!!!
Yep...even I have bad days....started out good because I wasn't as sore as I had anticipated from the dirt hauling. But it soon turned UGLY when I found out my son overdrew on his checking account.....I called the bank boo-hooing but it was of no use.....it has been decided that my son will now use religiously his handy dandy check register!!!!
Next...took another vehicle in for a slight air conditioning problem...namely...it didn't work! Okay, can't be that bad.....noooooooooooooooooooooo....."Ah, it will cost you $500 to repair a hole".....I DON'T THINK SO!!!! (and Sweetie man agreed!) I'll sooner sit on a block of ice than invest anymore money into any vehicle....I can live without the air! That's what windows are for!!!! In Pennsylvania, I can live 3 months out of the year without the air. Well, they charged it up or whatever they do, and if it's anything like last year, it will last the PA summer.
Didn't you ever notice that when one light bulb in your house goes out....they all start going out...it's like a disease...I think cars are the same way. They catch "breaking down" from each other....I'm going to have to start parking them further apart from each other.
ANYWAY....(now here's the good part!)
I came home from lunch only to find a package with my name on it which I sensed might be my shawl from the shawl swap....and I was right.

Shaylen from One Stitch At A Time crocheted this beautiful shawl for ME! I was so excited. It made me forget all the money problems of the day. I kept saying to myself...."and it's FREE!" It is so soft and warm that I think I will be wearing this beautiful creation on my dinner cruise and sorta put the black shawl I started on the back burner for now as this will look so much prettier and feminine. I'm also going to ask my son's gal pal if she would like to "borrow" it for the prom. I don't want to part with it. Rarely do people make things for me aside from my creative niece (who we may be showcasing and selling some lovely stitch and row markers she designed....watch for future posts!) so you can see why I'm so excited. I absolutely love love love handmade items! Those are by far some of the best gifts....unless you get a JoAnn gift certificate from someone!
Shaylen also send me some English Loose Tea which I'm anxious to try in my new teapot I got awhile back. (I've been brewing a cup at lunch everyday)

So this is a BIG THANK YOU to my new friend Shaylen. Please visit her blog (she is listed on my sidebar) and let her know how lovely her shawl is!
Well, now it's off to finish my shawl for the swap....shhhhh...can't tell you about it...secret!!
Don't worry you'll see pics AFTER it is safely in my swap buddies arms!!!
Check with ya all tomorrow....hope it's a cheaper day!!!


Unknown said...

I'm sorry your day went bad. I hope tomorrow is better for you. That is a gorgeous shawl.

Shaylen said...

I am so glad you like it,being my frist swap i was worried about that..so sory you had a bad day and hope tommorrow will be better..going to add you to my blog allso if you dont mind??Oh..i allso love the little bunnies.

Mimi said...

Lucy, I'm also having money problems with my 20 yr old. He always find something to spend on, and always manages to empty his wallet no matter how much he got :(
And my car's aircon hasnt been fixed since over a year because I'm afraid what it would cost me. Now I survived one year w/o it and I know I can go on...my son is starting to borrow my car (when his broke down) and he thinks I'm crazy to not have aircon, he said he'll get it fixed - well, I hope he does!
Btw, lovely shawl! Shaylen is my friend too and she stitches up beautifully!

Kare said...

Awww Lucy. Tomorrow has to be better. I hate when bad things happen to good people. You're good people. If it's any consolation, you have a whole 7 days before another Tuesday shows up. Here's to an awesome Wednesday.

Kare said...

It's Wednesday now! Is it better than Tuesday?
I forgot to mention how beautiful the shawl is.

Anonymous said...

Yup, we just had to replace a bunch of lightbulbs!! Also, a couple years ago, our cars kept running over nails and screws! Had to have at least 3 tires repaired or replaced! It was crazy!!

Anonymous said...

I'm convinced that the cars and the various parts of the house encourage each other to have problems. It always seems to come in batches. That shawl is lovely!