Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Cold Season is here!

Ok...Being as I'm on the onset of my first cold of the season, before I start sneezing my head off so much so that I cannot see the computer screen, I thought I'ld give you all this great idea I have. As you can see, I've taken pictures of some quick slippers that I made. (I have a new area on my sidebar by the way with some of my favorite patterns to link to which will be added to) Anyway,the purple ones are mine and I've embellished them (that's a big word) with fun fur. The red ones belong to my sweetie, who obviously has bigger feet than me, and they are supposed to look like jalapeno peppers (don't ask!). They are very warm and great to wear in bed to keep your tootsie's warm (in my sweetie's case...HOT...get it?...peppers...hot?). They also wash up well...tho, if you look close on mine, there are a couple of cat hairs. My idea was, if you have this friend who is sick with a cold, you make up a pair of these slippers (they really do work up quick), put them in a basket with some chicken soup (in a can of course), and whatever else goodies (vicks vaporub, cough drops, kleenex with lotion, etc...)and if she crochets you can add the pattern and maybe a good crochet mag....take it on over to her to brighten her (or his) day. Hey, I don't have brainstorms like this often, so just go with me here. Anyways, it's a cute idea.
Well, that's it for now...I'm gonna go eat something...then relax in bed with the vaporizer, crochet a bit, and hopefully I'll feel better in the morning.
Catch ya later...Lucy


Anonymous said...

Love those purple slippers!!

Tara said...

My inlaws are obsessed with slippers. I may have to whip up a few pairs for them! Great idea!