Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Check it out...

Well, well, well....look what finally arrived in the mail....three weeks after the SuperBowl...that's right, the infamous Yellow...oh, excuse me...JONQUIL yarn! Now, at last I can finish the Steeler Afghan and matching slippers. The problem is that I have so many other projects started that my hands really aren't into doing Steeler stuff right now....But, I'll see what I can do as my Sweetie really wants the afghan and slippers finished for him. I didn't get charged for the shipping as I said before and they also sent me a few patterns as you can see...so, I would order from them again if needed. Hey, I don't hold grudges.

Now, here is what I really want to talk about. How the heck do I get more hits on this blog...there has got to be a secret. I mean, I'm trying to write everyday....I'm even thinking about making up some patterns (though I've never done that before). Granted my pictures are not really exciting...but come on....I'm only averaging 20 hits per day and probably 1/4 of them are my own checking to see how many hits I'm getting. Maybe every great blogger has started out this way. I am trying to say "hello" to everyone on Crochetville so I can become a villager and join a swap (tho I'm not sure how that works, but it sounds fun). I've joined every web ring I can find....post comments on everyone's blog...heck, I even won a contest doing it...but, I can't get folks to visit me....please visit me....tell you friends to visit me.....tell your grandma to visit me.....READ ME!!!!!!!!! Okay, I feel better now that I've vented that. I do have one idea that may send me over the top though....I'm not anxious to reveal it....but, I think it's my last hope....that's right....a recipe....I just may have to give my top secret recipe for......for........are you ready.....(and I may post pics also)....HOT DOG SOUP!!! There I said it....I've tempted you with it....call all your friends cause tomorrow....I will post....my recipe (actually my "ex's" recipe) for HOT DOG SOUP!!!! Hope you can sleep tonight in anticipation....but I really think this is going to send me over the top with hits! Till tomorrow..... Lucy

Monday, February 27, 2006

I'm injured...

Would you believe I got an Olympic injury? Don't worry, it's not serious. The day after I stayed up late to finish my afghan, the back of my left hand was sore a bit. Nothing serious cause I pulled out more crochet and started again with another project. What a trooper I am. I just pulled out the old elastic fingerless craft glove and kept on crocheting.
I was going to post some pics of something (can't tell ya) but my computer does not wish to cooperate with me so you have to listen to me ramble on. I'm trying to get a bit of a following on my blog by posting daily or putting something interesting on it, but the computer does not always listen to me...grrrrr! (and could care less how many people visit me)
One thing, though not interesting, is that I have to drive a rental car all week cause one of our cars has a slight transmission problem (really, when you use the word "transmission" it usually is not slight....who am I trying to kid) Any way, the rental guy picked me up to get the car this morning. Needless to say, because it was earlier than usual, I got to work earlier than usual. This surprised a few people cause I never ever ever get to work on time...I try but I'm always a few minutes late. I try to make up for it by leaving a couple of minutes later at the end of the day...but who's really watching. So, I guess I just have to live by the rule that I have posted in my office (and in the last place I worked) which is "It sure makes for a long day when you get to work on time." I told my boss when he saw me come in early, "don't get used to this." Oh, we have alot of fun in our office, so we can joke back and forth like that...it's cool!
Ok, my second story, was the one about the second free steak from the weekend. I'll make a long story short, but at the restaurant we went to on Saturday, my sweetie again, for whatever reason, didn't get the right steak. They tried to correct it sorta half-fast, but it just wasn't the right steak. So, he ate it anyway. Within a few minutes, without asking for the manager, the manager comes over and says the steak is on them. Truly, this has never happened to us let alone two nights in a row. My sister took us to lunch on Sunday afternoon, and I gotta tell ya, I prayed that the meals were good and everyone got what they ordered. We did, for the most part, and if we didn't, I wasn't going to let anyone complain. I was afraid the restaurants in our area wouldn't let us in anymore.
Okay, so the stories weren't too exciting but at least I wrote something today. It's snowing outside now and we are supposed to get a couple of inches overnight. So, I think I'm going to pull out some crochet then hit the hay. Hopefully, I'll be able to post something a little more interesting tomorrow....don't give up on me! Tootles!

Sunday, February 26, 2006


I did it!!!!! The Olympic Peppermit Puff Afghan is completed with 2 1/2 hours of olympic time to go. It really was more of a challenge to finish than I thought. Having a cold and staying home from work helped (when I wasn't sneezing) as well as watching a movie with my family last night till midnight (everyone fell asleep but me). I finished the last half of a row this morning. It was a challenge mostly because I really do jump from project to project...I rarely stay on one thing. I may finish the projects but I never really worked on one and one thing only for so long a period....so in a way, I sorta deserve that gold medal that I will be posting on my blog later today or tomorrow. I hope Team Afghan does the job too.
The pic below is me in mid-crochet....check out the squirt bottle next to me....(don't ask!) Anyway I did do it and I'm happy. Now I can work on a couple of small things that I've been itching to get my hands on. Oh, by the way, my afghan will be donated to Project Linus (see sidebar). Check out a Project Linus near you.
Later on, or tomorrow, I'll have to tell you about the SECOND free steak we got yesterday evening when my sister took us out to dinner....as before, we didn't ask for it, they just gave it to us....I'm afraid to go out to eat anymore cause restaurants are going to start refusing us cause they are losing money. Anyway, gotta go get presentable...enjoy your Sunday! Later! (check me out below...)

Saturday, February 25, 2006

I'm better...

Well, I'm better...thank you for all of your good wishes....it was only a goofy head cold so I'm just a little stuffy now, which I can deal with. I gotta tell ya this funny story, tho. We recently were lucky enough to have this big mall built about 5 minutes from us (Pittsburgh Mills) with alot of surrounding new development (walmart, sams, lowes, and alot of new restuarants). Well, my sweetie has been wanting to go the the Longhorn Restaurant really bad. We finally went even tho we had to wait an hour to get seated. We finally got our meal, his was the biggest steak thingy they had....(and the most expensive, I thought) 20 oz of meat. Well, they gave him the wrong steak (only a 15 oz...he's on the Atkins diet and 5 oz. means alot to him) Anyway, he told them nicely, blah, blah, and we got the correct steak, no problem..everyone's happy! Well, then the waitress and manager came over and told us the steak was free cause of the mistake. That was $22.00 they took off of our bill. Was that nice or what? Needless to say, we ordered dessert and walked out of there soooooooooooooooooooooo stuffed! So, check it out if you have one near you, ordered the biggest steak they have, and hope they make a mistake!!!
Ok, another story....remember that gold yarn I've been waiting and waiting for to finish my steeler afghan? Well, I called Caron again to find out where it is since I called before and straightened out the credit card mistake I made. Well, the guy who answered said he doesn't know what happened, but he kept apologizing, and I was as sweet as pie saying it was okay don't worry, we all make mistakes (I can really lay it on thick when I want to) and guess what?.......free shipping and priority mail for ME! Saved $5.00 cause of their mistake! Is this my lucky week or what!!!! So hopefully I'll get it next week.
Check out my pics too...I got my Idiots Guide to Crocheting and Knitting used through Amazon...cheap! I wanted to take a pic of it so my man said, "hey, take it with me holding it." So I did.....Now all you ladies, show this pic to your sweetie and tell him, "isn't that sweet...a man who is interested in crochet and knitting." Hey, maybe it will help to get you a few crochet/knit bucks. Just don't show him the second picture, which is what my sweetie REALLY wanted to do this afternoon!!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Still sick...

Stayed home from work today....me and Victor Vaporizer. Thought I would make it yesterday but then my nose went completely wacky and I was sneezing and had that horrible tickling in my nasal passages (wooooo...I sound like a doctor). In the middle of the night I started coughing so I decided to give it one more day. I fell back asleep after calling off work and slept till noon. My son went to the drug store before he going to class this morning and got me this stuff called Sudafed Shower Soothers. They are fairly new (and expensive). They are like giant alka selzers for the shower but when the water hits it they melt into eucalyptis (spelled wrong) vapor stuff. I could have stayed in that shower longer with that...it was nice! I'm gonna use it again tomorrow before work. And it did help a bit. I'm trying to keep this crap from getting into my chest. Hopefully staying home today will do that with the vaporizer and stuff. I'm the one that complains when people come to work sick...that's a pet peeve of mine....especially when you have sick days as we do. If you are sick....rest....take care of yourself...respect others by not spreading your germs.....you are no martyr to me, believe me. I know there are places where people don't have sick days and can't afford to miss....but if you can, do it. Okay, I've vented. I'm gonna chill for a bit now....till later.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I feel crappy...

Okay...it caught me...the cold won! I stayed home from work today and spent most of it it bed....just me, a box of kleenex, and Victor Vaporizer (hey, we've spent all night together, I thought he deserved a name). The best part was when my son came home and yelled, "hey, is dinner ready." I sent him to Taco Bell! Well, gonna lay down again....I never know how I'm gonna feel in the morning with these head colds, so it's up in the air if I'm at work tomorrow. It's funny cause my body feels fine....it's my head I'd like to screw off!!!! Till later...ahhhhh chooooo!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Cold Season is here!

Ok...Being as I'm on the onset of my first cold of the season, before I start sneezing my head off so much so that I cannot see the computer screen, I thought I'ld give you all this great idea I have. As you can see, I've taken pictures of some quick slippers that I made. (I have a new area on my sidebar by the way with some of my favorite patterns to link to which will be added to) Anyway,the purple ones are mine and I've embellished them (that's a big word) with fun fur. The red ones belong to my sweetie, who obviously has bigger feet than me, and they are supposed to look like jalapeno peppers (don't ask!). They are very warm and great to wear in bed to keep your tootsie's warm (in my sweetie's case...HOT...get it?...peppers...hot?). They also wash up well...tho, if you look close on mine, there are a couple of cat hairs. My idea was, if you have this friend who is sick with a cold, you make up a pair of these slippers (they really do work up quick), put them in a basket with some chicken soup (in a can of course), and whatever else goodies (vicks vaporub, cough drops, kleenex with lotion, etc...)and if she crochets you can add the pattern and maybe a good crochet mag....take it on over to her to brighten her (or his) day. Hey, I don't have brainstorms like this often, so just go with me here. Anyways, it's a cute idea.
Well, that's it for now...I'm gonna go eat something...then relax in bed with the vaporizer, crochet a bit, and hopefully I'll feel better in the morning.
Catch ya later...Lucy

That ain't too bad...

Ok...so I took the test on another blog....I just had to know...(secretly tho, I plan on living to 108.....shhhhhh, don't tell anyone...especially my son!) Check it out:

I am going to die at 86. When are you? Click here to find out!

Monday, February 20, 2006


Thank you! Okay, I don't have a cold yet but it's trying to catch me and I'm running as fast as I can. My throat has been scratchy so I immediatly started putting this stuff called Zicam around the nostrils of my nose...hey it's worth a shot. I'd blame all the sick bloggers blogs that I've been reading (seems everyone had a cold) but my son had one last week and ....well, you know the rest. Really, if they can send a man to the moon (or a place that looks like one) then why can't they make something like luminol (stuff that the police spray to find blood spatters in crime scenes...(hey, I watch Court TV too) and call it lumi-cold.....then one someone in the house has a cold....you spray this stuff and BINGO you know where all the snots are and you avoid them. Ok....bad idea!
Anyway, I had to work today, but I think that everyone thought we were off so we didn't get many calls today in the office. My sweetie was off and he was nice enough to go to Walmart and get me the crochet hook I misplaced last night for my Olympic project. What a guy! (At least I wasn't sending him out to buy feminine protection....."price check...aisle 4....Kotex"!) I'm sure that now that I have a H crochet hook, I'll find the one I misplaced....maybe the cat took it cause he was pissed that I put the yarn in my box with a hole it in (See Sunday's blog)
I also stopped at the book store yesterday and found a Crochet Fantasy mag.....I haven't see that mag in years. I remember it from a long time ago and it was more doilies and tablecloths if my memory serves me correctly. Anyway, it really is nice....it looks different from what I remember it...colorful and very understandable. Check it out. There website isn't much of anything tho, yet.
Well, getting ready to crochet for the Olympics and watch WifeSwap and the Bachelor (I'm gonna make me a button that says, "addicted to reality TV...and crochet".) So, check me out tomorrow for the continuing saga of "The Cat Who Hid My Crochet Hook"....thanks for reading......ahhhhhh....chooooooo! (thank you!) Lucy

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Is this cool or what?

Hey, is this cool or what? Probably everyone is say, "whaaaat....we've been doin' that for years." Yeah, but I haven't! I'm so excited. Bought this bin yesterday at Big Lots for like $5.o0...actually I don't know the purpose of it...(I think it's for kids to be able to get their toys out of a bin or something...my hand certainly doesn't fit in it!) but, I thought it would make a great yarn bin...cool, eh? They came in different sizes, but I chose the middle size. I got it mainly for animal protection...and ease in lugging yarn around to different parts of the house. It works too, cause my cat didn't attack my yarn as much....I guess a string wasn't as inviting as a whole skein!
I didn't blog the last couple of days cause on Friday we sorta celebrated Valentine's day since we weren't together on the 14th. We were going to try out a new restaurant in the area but it was over an hour wait.....I don't think so....we'll wait till the hoopla dies down. So we went to Chili's. The rest of the evening was spent just snugglin and cuddlin'. (I really didn't feel like blogging if you know what I'm talkin' about!)
Yesterday, we shopped till we dropped. My sweetie was great....took me to Pat Catan's, a great cheap craft store here (really big) and probably bought more than I did (which I pointed out, of course). Ya know those glass block things that were popular over the holidays...the ones where everyone was trying to figure out how to drill a hole in to get the lights in?...well they come in plastic now with the holes already in them....so he bought two. He's done some really nice wine bottles with lights so this will be nice. I of course spent my time there in the yarn section....more of what I bought there in the next few days (I gotta have something to talk about next week!)
CHECK OUT...my percentage bars also that I put in on the blog...I'm so excited! (you'll learn it doesn't take much for me!) They were so much easier than anticipated. The more I work with HTML the more I'm understanding. Today....PERCENTAGE BARS....TOMORROW....THE WORLD..........
Well, that's about it for now.......till tomorrow...Lucy

Thursday, February 16, 2006

I WON!!!!!!!

That's right...I won the "Cats in my Craft Basket" contest sponsored by Amy (Check out my buttons to the left and visit her blog) I'm so excited...all I had to do was post comments every day in her blog and then my name went into the basket for a crochet goodie basket....oh yeah! I love getting craft anything....especially yarn now that I'm doing quite a bit of crocheting. There are so many beautiful colors and textures now that I just want to try all of them. Thank you, Amy!
Speaking of yarn, I had to do a couple rows of frogging today...yep....my olympic piece was starting to curve a bit...so I frogged. Rip-it...Rip-it....Rip...it.
When I tell people about frogging sometime they think I'm joking...but we in the craft world know that there really is such a thing. It got me to thinking about how, if we had alot of time on our hands, could probably come up with a language all our own that would save us alot of unnecessary arguing with our "roomies" on how much money we spend on yarn and the like. For instance, say you were on the phone with your best craft friend and you were dying to tell her (him) about the great deal you got on a recent yarn purchase, BUT, your sweetie was in the room....it might go something like this in a "craft" language:

"Hello?....Susie?.....Sweetie, could you put Mommy on the phone.............Susie, listen to this. I went to the park (craft store) today and the weather (sales) was tremendous. There was a beautiful lake (yarn sale) and I just had to partake (buy) of the refreshing and welcoming waters (I really wanted this yarn even tho I don't need it). I took off my shoes (took out the credit card that wasn't maxed out) and dipped my feet into the tranquil serenity (bought a crap load of yarn). I felt so much better and relaxed. (luckily hubby doesn't know that I also went back in to buy more with the electric bill money). You must join me sometime at the park (craft store) so we may relax together (can you go to the store with me and buy more yarn). Well, Susie, my sweetie (husband) is calling me for dinner. We'll talk soon (be ready with money Saturday morning at 10 am sharp)."

You head back to the Kitchen for dinner, hubby says, " I thought you were going shopping today". And you reply, "Oh, honey, I spend way to much of your hard-earned money, I decided to relax at the park and think about how much I love you." Then hubby replies, " That is so thoughtful of you....here's $50....go treat yourself."

Enough said! So the bottom line here is...why stop with "frogging"....let's make a whole new language....just for us!!!!! Anyone up for the challenge...it could possibly double your stash!

That's it for now....oh, lest I forget....Happy Birthday to Jerome (the BUS) Bettis who turns 34 today! (just in case he reads my blog) Enjoy...Lucy

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My Olympic piece....

Above...a closeup of the Peppermint Puff Afghan

The piece about halfway through the main part.

Well, there it be....the olympic afghan.....it really doesn't look like such a challenge but once the border is put on which is about 9 rows wide, it really is cute. I chose it for two reasons. One is the puff stitch I never did and two....I change projects so quick. This I knew I would have to keep up with or else it wouldn't be done in time. I do tend to jump from project to project. That's why I really want to put a percentage bar on my blog just to see how many crazy projects I have going at one time. I was tempted to start something else new today...but I said..."NO"....I must compete for TEAM AFGHAN.....I must challenge myself.....focus...focus....then I ate a piece of chocolate and felt better....just kidding....it was banana split pudding (only 80 calories per serving). Well, back to my rows....and American Idol! Later, Gator! Lucy

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Well....there they are!!! Ta-da!! Crocheted spaghetti earrings. I got alot of compliments on them only cause they are so strange. It was fun wearing them. I tried to post a picture of one on my ear but I did it from my cell phone and blogger didn't like it! Oh, well, you get the idea anyway.
I'm having a nice Valentines Day only because my sweetie sent me the loveliest flowers with a butterfly of course...my favorite thing! I tried to put those on my blog but being from my cell phone it didn't like that either. Oh, well...they are lovely.
That's it for now...enjoy your Hearts and Flowers Day...later!

Monday, February 13, 2006


Did I spell that right? Anyway, the title says it all. I've accomplished the crochet spaghetti trick...and believe me it was a trick. It took a few tries but I managed to figure out the trick to the spaghetti not breaking. Cook 'em long and cook 'em well. Also, crochet them wet....really wet and cold. So far so good....I'm about to get them on the fish hook earrings. I really think this was a one time shot....like, ah, I'm not going into business making spaghetti earrings! I'll post pics tomorrow one way or the other!
And, before I forget, the mystery of the yellow yarn has been solved....there was a little snafu with my credit card...actually I thought I fixed it when I ordered my yarn but I guess you can't go back once you type in a wrong number...so, needless to say I should be receiving my box of gold or shall I say "Jonquil" by the end of the week.
Well, back to the Olympics (crochet, of course) and my s'ghetti earrings! Later...

Sunday, February 12, 2006

No snow....

Well, I didn't forget to blog, it's just that blogger wasn't letting me in till today. What...do I have cooties? I think not! Anyway, we didn't get the promised snow....it stayed south and all we got was a lousy inch or two. But...I did get alot done on my Olympic project and that's a good thing. It is a little challenging for me, but I'm doing it. I was going to post a picture of me crocheting with a towel around my neck and my fiance squirting Gatorade in my mouth, but we didn't have any Gatorade...go figure. I did go out on Friday night and find two crochet mags one of which contained the pattern for the crochet spaghetti earrings that I read about in Crochetville. You KNOW that I just have to try it. I'm going to make them and wear them on Valentines' Day...my office will get such a kick out of it! Hopefully I can do it. I will definately post pics of that. They are really easy to make too. I'll have to learn how to link up some patterns for my blog. Didn't do much this weekend...I felt really poopy this morning, sorta like a part of my brain wouldn't wake up....so after sleeping almost ten hours, we went to breakfast and I came home and slept another two....feel great now! Now, it's almost dinner and the "beer can chicken" is in the oven cooked by none other than Chef ED, my personal weekend Chef and Fiance(yep, you read that right-recipe unpon request!) and I'm ready to crochet!!! So till the 'morrow....Happy Crafting, Lucy

Thursday, February 09, 2006


I vowed not to go to sleep tonight unless I made this button. The words are a little smaller than I wanted, but it's there for the taking.....please take one and put in on your blog....I worked harder on this than anything I have ever done! I have a sink full of dishes and garbage that needs readied for the morning and laundry piled up and crochet that needs done.....but....but.... I GOT A BLOG BUTTON.........YIPPPPPPPEEEEEEE! To be honest with you I don't know if I could ever make another...this was really hit and miss! Next project.....PERCENTAGE BARS!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Here's the scoop...

For those of you who are interested, here is the link to the crochet multi-colored afghan of which I showed a picture awhile back...remember...the one I did for Project Linus....its www.projectlinus.org Just click on the pattern links on the side and you will find a list of patterns both crochet and knit. (some quilt too) That one in particular was the "crochet baby blanket." I used the Paton Quick and Cozy bought at Jo Ann Fabrics , where else? Now the one I'm working on now...(check out above pic) is the "sideways shell" (I think that is the name. )It is sooooooo soft but the yarn is a little bit of a pain but not enough to not make it. Hope this helps all of you (especially Crochet Mom!) Enjoy...email me with any questions or just leave comments. Tootles....It's time for some crocheting and reality TV!!!!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Wel, all the excitement of the Super Bowl is calming down. The big parade in Pittsburgh was today...WOW, that was something. There are no fans like Steeler Fans!
Unfortunately, there was no box of gold yarn at my door today to finish my Steeler afghan so I've started a baby afghan for Project Linus. I've also joined Crochetville. Now that's a friendly place. I can talk to people who talk my language...CRAFTS!!!! That is so great! You sorta just leave messages and get messages back from literally around the world...it's really cool. I don't know too many people who craft....okay make that only one die-hard crafter and she lives in Houston! So it's sorta nice to talk to others who have a love of crafts and crochet as I do. I'll post some pics of my new project linus afghan. I also want to add buttons and links to others blogs and just ........so much! And....ta-da....I'm in the crochet Olympics so I'll be starting that project on Saturday....or Friday depending on my time. I'll just have to take it one day at a time I guess. I'm just so excited to have some real craft buddies! I also want to post pics of my family as well as my four-legged family....but for now....I'm gonna go crochet! Later, gator!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

ONE FOR THE THUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Ok...the game is about to begin.....keep in mind that if I don't blog for a few days, its not that I fell off the face of the earth....it's just that I'm in mourning if the Steelers lose! Then again, when we made breakfast this morning, we broke to eggs open that had double yolks in them.....Good Luck? Well, we will know in a couple of hours!! GO STEELERS!!!!! ONE FOR THE THUMB!

Saturday, February 04, 2006


Well, it's one day closer to the Super Bowl and things are really heating up in the Pittsburgh area. Nothing but Steeler coverage in Detroit...it is absolutely crazy and so much fun! I'm still waiting for my gold yarn to come in today so that I can finish up the last couple of rows of my Steeler afghan. Even if it isn't completely done, I'm still going to drape it over the couch for the game.
We have sold so many Steeler buttons....then again I could probably paint anything black and gold and it would sell! We got up early to make more since a co-worker and friend of mine sold a bunch at her work and called me last night to let me know how many I sold. She said she could bring more into work if we have more.....so I just had to take a picture of the cutest guy I know making buttons this morning.....what a guy!!!! Look for more coverage of "how to have a Super Bowl" party for 4 (possibly 6) tomorrow (and hopefully my finished Steeler afghan)! GO STEELERS!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

I found a clock!!

Thanks to some really nice bloggers (crafters are the best!) I was able to find my clock....yeah! I'm getting the hang of this. Ed, my sweetie, has offered to help me too as well as my son and some great emails from really nice bloggers! I love you all!!!!!! I still would really like a butterfly template. I'm excited. Now all I have to do is get someone to read this darn thing...it will happen. I don't know very many crafters who are into it as much as I am so when I find someone who crochets or crafts, it really is great! I plan to showcase my projects as well as a little about my life....granted I'm just a secretary in a little town outside of Pittsburgh, but I have a good ear and I love to give my take on things....sorta like Dr. Phil but with more hair.
Well, I'm gonna try and find more junk to put in my blog....feel free to leave comments so I know I exist!!!! Tootles!