Thursday, February 23, 2006

Still sick...

Stayed home from work and Victor Vaporizer. Thought I would make it yesterday but then my nose went completely wacky and I was sneezing and had that horrible tickling in my nasal passages (wooooo...I sound like a doctor). In the middle of the night I started coughing so I decided to give it one more day. I fell back asleep after calling off work and slept till noon. My son went to the drug store before he going to class this morning and got me this stuff called Sudafed Shower Soothers. They are fairly new (and expensive). They are like giant alka selzers for the shower but when the water hits it they melt into eucalyptis (spelled wrong) vapor stuff. I could have stayed in that shower longer with was nice! I'm gonna use it again tomorrow before work. And it did help a bit. I'm trying to keep this crap from getting into my chest. Hopefully staying home today will do that with the vaporizer and stuff. I'm the one that complains when people come to work sick...that's a pet peeve of mine....especially when you have sick days as we do. If you are care of yourself...respect others by not spreading your are no martyr to me, believe me. I know there are places where people don't have sick days and can't afford to miss....but if you can, do it. Okay, I've vented. I'm gonna chill for a bit now....till later.


Kathy said...

Or you call out and get the whine "well, if you REALLY have to", when we have sick days and it's slow anyway. No wonder 12 of the 14 people that share the room get it, and one or two go into bronchitis or pneumonia as well.

New to your blog, glad to meet you and hope you feel better soon. I have it too (and yes, I'm at work, not having been allowed to stay home and be miserable in peace)