Sunday, June 25, 2006

It's a Blue June...

Blue is the color for Project Spectrum this month. So, I'm gonna post my trinket box that I'm doing for a CAL group I belong too and it's BLUE!!!!

I just loved this yarn. It's called Fiesta by Red Heart and this is the Country Blue. I bought this yarn at a JoAnns cause I just liked it. I had no idea what I was going to use it for then when the Trinket Box came up....I knew it would just look perfecto. (click on "trinket box" for the pattern)
The postcard is the one I got from Jane at Not Plain Jane Blogspot since she was my postcard swap partner this month.
Her postcard is going in the mail tomorrow so I'll show you a pic of the one I did soon. I love the shades of blue in her card....sorta cornflower fav! Thanks, Jane...nice job!
In further was yucky. Sorta like Friday. But Saturday on the other hand was nice. Managed to go to our Community Days but not too much I was interested in. I did see one lady and her daughter who did alot of crocheting and was selling it. She did really nice work and most of it was in the crochet cotton. But that was really about it.
We had the most fun at a friends pool party afterward. The food was great and the pool was warm. The weather was perfect for it too. I think I did a little too much jumping around in the pool cause today I'm a little sore. But it was fun!
Sweetie Man has posted again in his blog after being away for the month so go check him out at for a couple of pics of Mexico as well as a couple of our Kitchen that I've been promising.
Oh, and as for the scooter....we opted to finish getting it put together at a local cycle service center.....probably better to have someone with some knowledge check out all the nuts and bolts so things don't start flying off of it while going 65 mph down the road.
So that's that for tonight...allergies have been kickin up a bit so I'm going to head onto bed and let my medicine do it's stuff. So, till tomorrow, kiddies!!!!