Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Now THAT's what I call....

I love yellow...I used to like blue...and sorta like purple....but I LOVE YELLOW!
Was recently in a Yellow Exchange with my Yahoo Group and lo and behold this is what I received from Jeannie...all in this Yellow Bag....

....can you believe this???

...and there was yet more...it wouldn't all fit in the picture!!!

Thanks so much, Jeannie...loved it all...You did an awesome job!!!
Okay...now back to the business at hand....unfinished cross stitching! Well, I am making progress with this owl (sorry the pic is fuzzy!) but this is the second ornie I'm working on from the JCS Halloween mag. (still have to finish the first one into an ornie) The pic in the magazine was nice but when you actually stitch it, it really is a cool ornament!

I won't be able to show this one much longer...with the progress I'm making I don't want spying eyes to see it all...and you know who you are. Again...the picture does not do this lovely little guy justice! He is just too cute in person!
Ok, so I haven't made too much progress on the Village of Hawk Run Hollow but it's moving along. I've been jumping around alot with my WIP's and this one hasn't been jumped on too much lately as you can see!
So, with all those pics, it's off to bed for a little more stitching then to sleep as tomorrow is a big day! My cross stitch store called and said that the JCS Christmas Magazine is in...woo-hoo!!! The faster I fall asleep...the faster that baby gets in my hands!
Till next time, yinz crazy guys....