Friday, August 11, 2006

OC Maryland!

Okay...guess I best start posting again. It's just that it has been a little hectic with the usual coming back from vacation and now with two dogs...and you know how that goes. Chloe actually did grow that week we were away and has gotten quite a bit more fiesty! She is so very funny to watch tho...still in that clumsy puppy stage and discovering a new world. The other day she knocked over one of those outdoor sidewalk lights and it started to roll around. She just kept barking at it like it was alive...I laughed! We are trying to get her crate trained. My son doesn't like it but by golly it is working good. She will not go to the bathroom when she is in there and holds it till she is out in the morning as well as when we are at work. They say it is not cruel as dogs are den animals and like to relax in covered places. She really only is in there at night and when no one is home. I will definately crate train puppy #3. We haven't officially seen that litter as the mom isn't quite ready to let strangers near...maybe in a week or so...can't wait!
As for was really nice! I'm going to do a flicker badge of the pictures like I did for Michigan and Barbados. BUT these are the highlights......
First and foremost, our balcony view was gorgeous! We had an ocean view AND a bay view. (Sun up and Sun down!)

It was really hot and humid but, hey, it's the beach...what do ya think it's gonna be? Ya just put on the old swimsuit and jump in the pool. Which is what we did! And as I predicted to Ed, my son found a girl to spend time with at the pool...go figure! That way he didn't have to hang out with the "old folks" all the time!

We stayed in a really nice condo with my son and my sister so there was plenty of room for all as well as Ed to do some cooking which was delicious as always.

We did some shopping and I got to visit some yarn stores. I was so excited seeing as the one I visited here in PA was a bust....these on the other hand...they practically had to drag me out but I did manage to get a few gems!!!

I played a little tennis with my son which was was fun as I really hadn't done that for years. Tennis is the only sport that I will play...I love it...probably cause I was on the team in high school. It was pretty hot playing tho so I told my son I want to play again when we get back home. I did manage to beat him in a couple of games which isn't bad for a 49 year old (he of course claimed he let me win...right!!!)

One of the highlights of the vacation, I thought, in addition to the yarn and oh, yes, great cross stitch store in Cape May, was the wild ponies on Assateague Island! OMG...they are right on the beach with you! If you ever go to Ocean City, Maryland, you've got to go the extra 30 miles or whatever to see them. Picture're laying on a beautiful sandy beach, playing in the surf, right next to you are these wild ponies. I am telling you we couldn't take enough pictures. Now you have to be sure you don't feed them or leave food lying around cause they will go in seach of it in your coolers. There were so many of them...that was what struck me. If you want to know more...check out this website: It was gorgeous!

Oh, and least I forget the beautiful Ferry ride to Cape May New Jersey. Cape Map was were we did some shopping also but that Ferry ride is awesome. We actually even saw some dolphins jumping in the water. They are so quick tho you really can't take any pictures. So cool!!

So, that's about it for the vacation.....there was of course lots of reading, sunshine, relaxing, good restaurants, walking on the beach at night, biking on the boardwalk and lots of fun! Definately will go back to OC again.
Saturday we are getting up early for a day trip to Maryland for some fishing on a boat with a group of Ed's friends. That will be a 4 hour ride to and from. (will definately take some projects to work on!)Will either be back Saturday late or early Sunday. I'll be taking some pics there too. Then to be honest with you, I'll be ready to stay home for the fall and winter. All these vacations are tiring!!!!
Being with Ed for the week was the best BEST part though...24/7! We have so much fun together.....he can always make me smile!
Well, that's it for now...hope you enjoyed your virtual trip to OC, Maryland!
Have a great weekend, yinz guys......Tootles!