Wednesday, March 15, 2006

New blogger alert!

We have a new blogger in our world....please check out my dear dear friend (I wish I could adopt her as my little Sister) Courtney and her blog
No...she didn't misspell candle....(the real "candle" was already taken). Anyway, please give her a nice welcome...she promises to blog often and show pics....she'll be adding things to her blog and doing some tweeking here and there...please help this new little fledgling along...she's a sweetie-pie! (psst...leave her a comment or two and maybe add her on your "blogs to read" list. She is a member of Crochetville also.
(okay, Courtney....I'll email my address for the $100...just kidding!!!)

Okay the next agenda item...have you ever heard of "kick the cat" syndrome? I live by keeps me from getting annoyed at everyone who yells at me or talks nasty to me on the phone...or just about anyone who tries to get under my skin. 9 times out of 10, when someone, anyone, is upset about anything and they cannot voice it directly to that person, it has to come out somehow...excuse me....but it's like when you're sick to your stomach (it's gonna come out one way or another most of the time...get the picture?) I truly believe that when someone jumps on me about something...something else is bothering them...not me...I am the cat....the one who is going to get "kicked" so that that person can feel better...sorta like slamming a door when you are mad. Well, yesterday, I was the proverbial "cat" TWICE...I won't tell you the sad details...but for some reason two people whom I dearly who had a long hard day at work and the other just didn't feel well due to allergies...decided to KICK ME!!!! (yeah, me...go figure!) They actually both apologized but not without me holding back tears a couple of times (getting near that time of the month too).
So you know what I turned to....ENDORPHINS!! That's right....those happy little neurotransmitters that are released in your brain when you are doing things you enjoy immensely...(google it). aka Runner's High.
And, the only way to do that, was to crochet myself silly.....and guess what?...I completed a UFO....that's right, one of the projects on my percentage bars is gone it is:

And, damn, if I didn't feel like a million bucks afterwards. Talk about making lemonade out of lemons. Or, better yet, if you read my comment from the "Pittsburgh Pepperhead" (aka "my sweetie...don't forget to check his blog out)....I sorta was like that donkey...piled with dirt but I just kept on climbing out. This particular afghan is the Peppermint Puff afghan that will be going to Project Linus. I took a pic without a flash because the colors were more apparent. I hope you can see it well. It's really soft. It's done with Red Heart Baby Clouds..a multi color one (pink lemonade, etc...). You can't really see the sideways pattern on it but it's nice and warm due to the bulky yarn.

So, for all you bloggers who are sick of Winter...getting depressed by the cold temperatures....don't kick a what you LOVE!!! Increase those ENDORPHINS! And remember....I told ya so! Till tomorrow!