Monday, May 01, 2006

Questions, questions, questions...

I just have to say this....I salute all of you knitters who make these fabulous looking socks....gorgeous designed socks.....beautiful colorful perfectly looking knitted socks!!!!!! I've done many kinds of crafts in the last 45 years of my life, but there are few that were so difficult that I couldn't manage them. Knitting socks is ONE of them!!! I've ripped out the pair I've started about 5 times already but I'm not giving up...this won't beat me!!! Just tell me if I'm going crazy, or did all of you sock knitters have a difficult time working with 4 needles at one time? I'm trying to concentrate on the needles I'm working on, but I seem to every once in awhile, and as careful as I am, to pick up stitches!!! I'm making the most basic sock from a learn to knit socks book.....I mean it's like the "Dick and Jane" of knitting....ya know...Puff and Spot!!!! This is nuts! If any of you know of a trick or secret tips to doing this....or maybe want to tell me your first time stories, I will most definately welcome the help. I'm not giving up at seems like the more I do it the more rows I'm getting through before I get frustrated and frog!
Also, another question....any of you that use blogger, do you know if there is something to prevent spam...I'm actually starting to get comments that direct me to a landscape site or some non-existent craft site......what's that about????? The only spam I wanna see on my blog comes from a can!!!!
And please be patient with me if I haven't been leaving comments on your blogs....I'm having a heck of time sometimes leaving comments.....must be just slow out there or something. But I'm reading you all and I'll let you know when the computer isn't being a poo-poo head!!!
Well, that's it for now. Just some questions I wanted to throw out there. Hope you can help cause I really really want to knit socks (among all the other zillions of things I want to do!)
Oh, and don't forget your daily trip to Mexico at The Funny Peppers! Till tomorrow...