Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's CRUNCH time!!!

Honestly, I'm not that bad but I do hope Sweetie Man understands IF I do happen to get a little irritable with only 16 days to go to the wedding. I work better under pressure but I do have a slight tendency to focus intensely on things and if anyone gets me off track....I could bite their head off! Nothing major tho!!
A few of you did ask how the plans are coming along. Very well actually. Got a trial run on my hair and ended up having it highlighted for the first time in my life. Got alot of compliments tho alot of people also thought I got new glasses (see my post on "What Women Notice")...go figure! I also lost 22 pounds total since January so that helped alot...especially in my face I think. Yesterday, got my nails done in what's called "pink and white"...I just love getting "fake" nails! That is such a treat for me...never had it done and my nails are naturally thinner than paper! I just feel so GIRLY...something I never had felt till I met the Sweetie Man! Tonight is the "final" dress fitting...I hope. The hem was wrong last time so hopefully I can take that "baby" home today!
People are waiting till the last minute to tell me if they will be attending....a little frustrating but I have to admit, I'm the same way with RSVP's. Maybe next time I'll be a little more prompt.
So, it's all coming together for the most part and it's not even that big of a wedding. But it is fun and exciting...and the best part is that in 16 short days I'll be MRS. SWEETIE MAN for the rest of my life!!!!!
Till next time, yinz crazy guys....(check out my book blog...managed to get a quick book review in ...enjoy!)