Sunday, June 04, 2006

A quiet Sunday...

Ah...a nice quiet Sunday at home with my guy! He crawled out of bed before me and went downstairs I was assuming to finish setting up his new laptop since his old one died a quiet death. So I sorta turned over in bed and went back to sleep....but when I woke up again, I did so to the smell of bacon...oh, yeah! Before you knew it he was on his way upstairs with a tray of coffee, bacon, and french toast made with nice thick Texas Toast. It don't get no better than that. After six years together.....I am so very lucky to have this wonderful guy. So, he brought up his breakfast too and we finished eating. My son chose to go out to breakfast with a friend of his. Later in the afternoon we sorta just chilled.....him on the computer and me crocheting the edging on a Project Linus afghan.

This is the "boy" version of the "girl" one I did about a month ago (check past blogs) with the red hearts and red trim. These are so incredibly easy. Mark your holes about a half inch up from the edge and a half inch apart. Punch the holes with a 1/16 paper hole punch (yep, it will punch) and do any edging you choose. With this particular edging, I used a G hook, worsted weight yarn and did two single crochets in each hole and then another row of single crochet on top of that. I used about 2 yards of the fleece. Just think of the posssiblities in making a cute little baby blanket in whites or pinks, or blues or even variegated yarns. Some people sell these on the web...just google crocheted fleece blankets and I bet you'll come up with some great ideas.
Well, that's it for tonight. I've been cleaning up my blog a bit and adding some buttons and titles of blogs I read in case you want to check out whose on my list of bloglines.
So, till tomorrow....and the start of a new week....hasta manana!