Monday, February 28, 2011

Is it March already??

Well, Valentine's day is come and gone and finally Spring is a speck on the horizon...a little more sunny days and warmer weather. Backtracking a little bit, I did manage to have a wonderful Valentine's Day with Sweetie Man even if it was a week later. Made him his very very favorite chocolate pie (His mom's secret recipe). He loved it. Had to take a pic as this one turned out great...perfect meringue.

Then I secretly stitched this little saying for him, padded it and put a little backing on it for him to hang in his office cubicle...along with all the other stuff I stitched for him. They do tease him at work...I love it!!

Also, finished up a HOE swap and received this BEAUTIFUL needlecase from my partner. It actually is my first needlecase I ever owned. She added some petite needles (my favorite) and other did she know I'm a lip gloss junkie???

This is what I stitched for my partner. She hasn't a clue who she is getting something from so I'm safe in showing this. Found the pattern on the Creative Poppy website. I love sites where I can just download and start stitching.

So, that's what's been keeping me busy. Finally getting to do some things for me without any deadlines to's great! Until the weather warms up, I'll be stitching inside in front of the tv with some occasionally treadmill breaks. So, till next time yinz crazy guys.........

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day Blogland!!

Ever since I made this dowel tree I keep finding things in multiples that I want to put on it. This time it's crochet hearts in pink and red. So many patterns of these on the web when I googled it...just picked an easy one and made a dozen.

Now I gotta find something to make for St. Patrick's day for my little tree. Easter stuff is already in the works.
So with that said.....
hope yinz guys all have a Sweet Day.....till next time, yinz crazy guys...

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL???

It's been a little crazy here in the burgh these past two weeks. As you saw in my last post, I decided to make Spirit Gloves. Well when we added my hubby making Steeler buttons, business BOOMED!!! EVERYONE went crazy. We literally could hardly keep up with all the orders. Here's a pic of just some of the buttons he designed on our Badge-A-Minit.
This is one box of the pom-poms I was up till midnight a few days making for the Spirit Gloves.
Today (Super Bowl Ever) even hubby got into making pom-poms with our nifty pom-pom maker. It's not easy finding the black and gold yarn either. It's fun but extremely exhausting. One day I was actually delivering gloves to someone at their job, and someone in a van could 't roll their window down fast enough to ask me where I got them. Unfortunately, I was for the most part making them to order as I couldn't get ahead of the game to make them to sell outright without orders. It's crazy!!!

So with that said, hubby and I are off to finish more Spirit Gloves for tomorrow at our church so....till next time, yinz crazy guys......GO STEELERS!!!!!