Friday, March 24, 2006

Let's recycle...

Okay...we're going to try something different. I was reading Brandy's blog at Crochet Nut and she was crocheting with rag strips and it brought to mind something I've heard of and always want to try........

That's right....plastic grocery bags. I think this is so cool. I immediately thought, "heck, I got a ton of those." Well, it turns out I don't have nearly as many as I thought believe it or not....but I can come up with something. I know, I're saying...didn't you just start a purse yesterday. Yeah, I did and I'm working on it. As far as this goes with the plastic bags, I have to cut these and put them together and then put them in it sorta like something I'll do on the side just for the fun of it. (along with all the other stuff on the side I'm doing) Just for your reference, here are three links to crocheting with plastic bags that I think you might enjoy:

The last two sites I think have really cute bags. I'm sure you could knit with the same plastic bags. I've never seen knitting tho. I've also seen rugs crocheted too. I imagine you could you use any kind of plastic. Sometimes you can get those cheap kitchen bags in different colors. Let me know if you've ever tried it. Don't worry...I'm still working on my felted bag....that is most important....that and my shawl swap project.

Oh, well, I also got my postcard swap recipient today in email. I'm anxious to see what I can come up with in yellow and oranges. This will definately be fun....I usually go to a craft store near us called Pat Catan (anyone have those) and I'll be looking around there tomorrow for some ideas, in addition to buying a skein of yarn or two that I don't need...he-he!
Well, not much more to say tonight....gonna go read some other blogs on my bloglines....I feel like life is passing me by when I don't read them everyday and I am behind!
So, till tomorrow... and the beginning of the weekend...oh yeah!!!! Tootles!