Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sunday chillin'

Well, it's Sunday afternoon (one day closer to the Super Bowl) and Ed and I are just chillin'. (Ed's my sweetie). He's making buttons to sell for the Super Bowl with his "Badge-a-Minit". I'll have to post some of the results. They look really cool. I was working on my Steeler Afghan. Would you believe we searched everywhere yesterday for the yellow yarn that I ran out of and couldn't find it. I made a phone call today to another Jo Ann's and they were out. This town is just crazy when it comes to black and gold. When we went to the local craft store we couldn't even get in the parking lot with all the people buying decorations for their Steeler parties, I guess. Now this is a craft store that on the norm has only about 2 cars in it, one of which is the worker inside. Anyway, I ended up ordering the darn stuff online since Ed said he really would like the afghan to be "twin-bed" size. It really is turning out cool. All this Super Bowl stuff in January certainly makes for a fun month that usually is depressing and dreary.
The other thing we did yesterday was deliver my first three afghans for Project Linus. I have posted the pics above. One is a picture of the tag I designed to put on the back of my afghans and quilts. I'm hoping to make three a month...that's my goal anyway. I'm going to try and make a link for Project Linus so everyone knows what it is and maybe will think about checking into it. It's a great way to give back.
That's it for now...have to go web searching for a pork chop recipe for the Chef Ed....Go Steelers!!