Thursday, December 07, 2006

Happy "Almost 50" Birthday...

My "older" commardes at work treated me to an "almost 50" birthday party today at work. I'm off work on Friday this week and my birthday falls on Saturday so they surprised me by doing this today (Thursday). First I was greeted at the door with a wheelchair and everyone asking if I needed any help walking, breathing, etc....

Then we all ate some of this delicious cake with lovely gray and black icing....(I did blow out the candles first) made by a fellow employee!

They then got me some pretty crazy gifts....ya know, the ususal...fiber, gray-b-gone, over the hill pills, etc....and lots of balloons plus a annoying blinking pin I had to wear all day that told everyone I was turning 50!

It was fun!!! I got lots of visits from people in other offices telling me things like "I smell old people!" Actually they wanted to get me back as most of them are older than I am (not all) and I usually I am the one to tease them with old age comments so I guess I deserved it!
Oh, well, that's about all for today. So, till tomorrow...and my last official day in my 40's!!!!