Saturday, January 20, 2007

Lots to show yinz guys!

Okay, we all can agree that pay day is a good thing.....but you want to know what is even better? When the bank you take your check to is two doors down from the cross stitch shop. (if there was a yarn shop across the street also, I'd be in BIG trouble) Anyway, the magnetic forces that control the universe, pulled me into the shop after I cashed my check....I tried to stop them but it was useless. So reluctantly I entered.....Donna, the shop owner, knows me by name (of course) so I looked for something to buy....just felt like buying something. So I came up with this....

The two magazines were only $ .25 each and there was at least one pattern in each I liked.
The reason for the fireman's prayer was that I would like to do two cross stitches for some wonderful people (whose name I shall not mention in case they read this). One would be this prayer and the other would be this truck.......

A lady at work gave me a copy of this one. Now I'm not needing to finish either till like next Christmas, but it never hurts to be prepared, right?
Today, I went to JoAnn Fabrics and got this nice stash. (thought I didn't crochet or knit anymore didn't ya....WRONG!!)

Sweetie Man's daughter will be leaving for Afghanastan next week and when asked what she would like us to send her homemade, she said slippers and blankets. I got one slipper done.

I plan on making about three pairs in different shades she requested. This pattern is so's Bev's Quick and Easy Slippers. I love them and have made a few pairs already for myself and others. She requested certain colors as you can see. The fleece will be made into a blanket somewhat like I did when I crocheted this one for Project Linus....
Going back to cross stitch, did you ever look for anything in your house and became obsessed with finding it just cause you know it's somewhere in the house whether you need it or not right now? I did with this pattern book...

I knew I had it and I truly could not find it on the internet except for one lady on ebay. It has these cute little egg ornaments that are cross stitched. The book is dated from 1990 and I think there was another one also, but I never saw it.
In the process of looking for the egg book I came across this cross stitch I started 14 or 15 years ago.

Isn't precious.....especially now since my son is 19 years old. I will finish it someday just cause it's so sweet.
Oh, and I also got the backing for the Kitty List flat fold finishing.

Thank you so much to all of you who hooked me up with a site on the "how to's"! Can't wait to do it. I'll post the pics of the finished product.

This next cross stitch wasn't on my to do list, but I got it last year and I've always wanted to finish it. I don't know about you but I usually like to have a few projects going at one time that way I don't get bored. I felt like working on something small last night so I picked this up and stitched a bit.

And look what I got in the mail from Paperback Swap. (see sidebar) I forgot I had this on my wish list over there and it came up. Just a bunch of feel-good stories.

Oh, and not to completely freak you out...BUT we caught another mouse. This one wasn't so full of blood and guts.....I think the trap broke his butt!

Well, I think I've bored you enough so I'm going go do something crafty and wait for the chili and corn bread to be done that the Sweetie Man is cooking up now (the house smells delish!) Hoped you enjoyed all my till next time, yinz guys.....(don't forget those comments....not too much time left for the Blogiversary Contest!)