Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Check it out...

Well, well, well....look what finally arrived in the mail....three weeks after the SuperBowl...that's right, the infamous Yellow...oh, excuse me...JONQUIL yarn! Now, at last I can finish the Steeler Afghan and matching slippers. The problem is that I have so many other projects started that my hands really aren't into doing Steeler stuff right now....But, I'll see what I can do as my Sweetie really wants the afghan and slippers finished for him. I didn't get charged for the shipping as I said before and they also sent me a few patterns as you can see...so, I would order from them again if needed. Hey, I don't hold grudges.

Now, here is what I really want to talk about. How the heck do I get more hits on this blog...there has got to be a secret. I mean, I'm trying to write everyday....I'm even thinking about making up some patterns (though I've never done that before). Granted my pictures are not really exciting...but come on....I'm only averaging 20 hits per day and probably 1/4 of them are my own checking to see how many hits I'm getting. Maybe every great blogger has started out this way. I am trying to say "hello" to everyone on Crochetville so I can become a villager and join a swap (tho I'm not sure how that works, but it sounds fun). I've joined every web ring I can find....post comments on everyone's blog...heck, I even won a contest doing it...but, I can't get folks to visit me....please visit me....tell you friends to visit me.....tell your grandma to visit me.....READ ME!!!!!!!!! Okay, I feel better now that I've vented that. I do have one idea that may send me over the top though....I'm not anxious to reveal it....but, I think it's my last hope....that's right....a recipe....I just may have to give my top secret recipe for......for........are you ready.....(and I may post pics also)....HOT DOG SOUP!!! There I said it....I've tempted you with it....call all your friends cause tomorrow....I will post....my recipe (actually my "ex's" recipe) for HOT DOG SOUP!!!! Hope you can sleep tonight in anticipation....but I really think this is going to send me over the top with hits! Till tomorrow..... Lucy


Kari said...

bloglines.. Seriously girl, I have subscribed to your blog through bloglines.com and They tell me when you update and I read it through there. I have gotten sdo lazy about actually visiting peoples blogs in person since I found them.
On my sidvar on my blog, there is a heading called rank and privileges there are several different traffic booster thingys there. I really have yet to find the ONE thing that brings the hits in.
But you know, just hang in there, folks will start coming.
It does take time.

*Crochet Mom* said...

hot dog soup? i have NEVER heard of that..I know a little girl who might just love this! (my daughter the hot dog FREAK!) hehehehh...

I dont get many hits either..I think it's cuz i am SLACKING on blogging! *yikes*..ya, i suck!..

but i did finish some punk fingerless gloves for my oldest son's girl friend! i will be writing about that soon! :) and hopefully have pictures too! whoohooo GO JEN!

YAhhh for getting your yarn! I ordered from mary maxim for the first time months ago and they messed up my order and forgot stuff..WAS NOT IMPRESSED..so i vowed not to get from there again (I am a grudge holder i guess..hehehehe)

Tina said...

Hey. Nice soup. I think my boys would like that. And it sounds easy, so I would like it too. :)

Um, I don't know how to get more blog hits. I stopped blogging just to get more readers, and just started doing it for me. One thing I have noticed, though, the more blogs you visit and leave comments on, the more comments you will get.