Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Shawls and Socks

With a title like that you know there's gonna be pics. that the shawl I made is safely in my swap buddy's arms, (with many thanks from her) I can show you the pic.

It was a lion brand pattern from their site...I believe it was the Easy Triangle Shawl. Crocheted with 2 strands of crochet thread held together, it was really easy. I did it in an off white. I was really pleased with the outcome.
Second, I'm going to show you a pic of my first sock and the book it came from.

I think I may have use the wrong type of yarn tho the gauge was right. So I'm just going to keep on keeping on with it. I made it with Knit Picks Dancing Yarn. I'm telling you that Knit Picks is the BEST! They are super cheap and quick in deliverying. I'm very pleased with them anyway.
Tell me what you think about the sock and be honest. I'm so afraid it's going to be too small tho there is this thin elastic thread that runs through it to make it very elastic.
I'd also like to know the difference in sock yarns. I understand they should be wool or have some wool in them but what is DK mean? And, what needles are best with what yarns....I've only seen the #3 DPNS....what sizes to these come in? Okay, that's it on socks. I do have to say that knitting these socks is really Addicting!!!!! And fun!
Last but not least, I want to give a big SHOUT OUT to my wonderful niece who reads my blog daily (what a trooper!) because she emailed me thinking that I went to that big CRAFT STORE in the sky cause I didn't blog one day. I told her I was just pooped from painting. I'm starting to pace myself on this painting project....a little each don't worry....even if I talk about nothing, I'll blog!!! Oh, and before I forget...thanks to all yunz guys who told be how to kill the spam.
Okay, till tomorrow.....happy yarning!


Brenda said...

Congrats on becoming a sock knitter. A warning though, it's very addictive!

sydney said...

DK weight is between sport and worsted weight, about 22 to 21 stitches in 4 inches. I usually use size 0 or 1 for fingering weight, size 2 for sport weight, and size 3 or higher for anything higher. I think your sock is looking good. I love those colors. Usually you make your sock a little smaller than the circumference of your ankle. That way they don't fall down.

Mimi said...

Shawl is pretty! As for the socks...keep on knitting! I think its looking good so far, and the color is nice :)

Liz said...


I love your shawl and as for the socks I think they will be fine. I can't wait to make a pair.

I am getting back to crocheting & knitting after taking an 8 year hiatus.

I enjoyed my visit here with you.

Donna said...

I have an addiction, it is called sock knitting. So be forewarned. Once you start, you will be in its grip forever. I actually took a break in knitting socks to finish up some other projects, and I miss them so.

Vera said...

Nice shawl.

Welcome to the world of sock knitting! Socks were one of the things I wanted to make most when I learned to knit. I'm still fascinated by socks.

Courtney said...

The shawl is lovely! I think it is pretty. The socks you go girl! That is all I have to say about that.

Andi said...

Brave soul! Looks like you are doing great so far. Good job!!

Sue said...

Sorry, I don't know nuthin' 'bout knitting socks! You're looks good though! Looks like the beginning of a bona-fide sock. Keep up the good work!