Thursday, April 23, 2009


....I'm not talkin' about the weather, yinz guys! I'm talking about my newest find in crafts..."ICICLE DOLLS"! (she kept wanting to roll over so the sharpie is there to hold her up!)

Isn't she cool??? (get it? COOL!) Anyway, found out about about them in Swap-Bot where I find all new crafts anymore! I think I've signed up for about 5 swaps which is my limit on being a Newbie, but once I get done with those I can do up to 20 at a time...WOW!
The Icicle Doll is just like a Dotee but shaped like an icicle. If you Google in "Images" Icicle Doll, you'll see alot more. If you click on my pic, you can get a closer view of her cute vintage face which I managed to copy onto muslin by ironing paperbacked wax paper (is that parchment paper maybe) to the muslin (8 1/2 x 11) and running it through my printer. I plan on making more of these cuties for sure.
The next is a purple and red dotee.....her hair is FABULOUS, don't ya think??? Just yarn!

Don't worry, I'm still cross stitching too! Working on the February TEAPOT...remember I finished the teacup. I'm sorta going backwards cause I'm going to do the ones for January after this. I did the January Teapot for a swap but I'm going to stitch it again along with the cup for myself.

I've been feeling so crafty lately....too bad I don't feel that way about cleaning the house and doing the laundry! Anyway, been wanting to mess around with my watercolors again so I pulled them out and played around a little trying to remember what I did that worked best and what paper worked best. I even pulled out one of the last pictures I painted which was a picture we took a few years ago while in Barbados that I painted.

Not too bad for a beginner. I'm much better and more comfortable with scenery than with still life. With still life I find myself using pen and ink with the watercolors for fine detail. When I was much much younger, I always found myself drawing scenery and sunsets, so maybe that's what I need to stick with. Anyway, I have another beach scene from Barbados drawn out that I never painted so stay tuned and I'll post that when it's done!
Hopefully I've inspired you a bit to craft...helps those brain cells stay alive till next time, yinz crazy guys!


Vonna Pfeiffer said...

OH My heavens!!! That painting is SPECTACULAR! Lovely :)

Anonymous said...

Love your dollies. WOW! What a fabulous painting indeed. You've got that talent. Great job !!

Sydney said...

The icicle doll is really cute! Your watercolor painting is very nice. You should do more.

Maria said...

Your icicle dolls are so cute!!
I love dolls so much but I don't want to start a new craft so I may try to adapt these to crochet (my craft of choice)
Thanks for great inspiration!

Tina said...

:0 !!!! Your watercolor painting is so nice!! I will have to stick to fiber arts. :P

Tammy said...

WOW, all your stuff is awesome! You have such a talent--I love those dolls. They are great!