Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Luminary Facts.....

Hope you have all survived the Holiday. Sweetie Man and I did most definately and had an awesome Christmas Day just chilling. Of course we sorta needed to as you can see from above.
We were in charge of setting up 200 Luminaries at our new church The River. It was an AWESOME sight to behold....actually more like BREATHTAKING if I do say so myself.
Just in case you ever have the urge to do the same, below are some Luminary Facts to assist you. For 200 Luminaries you will need.....

1. 200 White Lunch Bags
2. 200 Votive Candles
3. 200 Pounds of Sand (give or take 50 pounds)
4. 2 WORKING LIGHTERS (buy extra just in case the other 4 you bought for a buck don't work)
5. 2 Hours to put them together (with two people working)
6. 1 1/2 Hours to set them out (with two people working)
7. (don't know how long it took to blow them out as we didn't do that)
8. 1 Hour to clean them up (with one semi-industrious 20 year old)

And as much work as it was, it was worth every second!!! For the first time, our Christmas truly felt like a celebration of the Birth of our Savior! It was Beautiful!!! Hope you all felt the joy in your hearts of this Christmas Season as we it's onto a Bright New Shiny Year (and a new diet...yeah right!)
Till next time, yinz crazy Christmas guys.........


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

That looks and sounds like a lot of work but it sure is pretty!

Anita said...

The luminaries are absolutely beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Nice job at flickin' that bic!