Saturday, January 27, 2007


A little something to all of you, whether I've known you for the past year, or met you recently, I consider you all my friends. I think this little poem just about says it all.....


Today's my Blogiversary
And this I know is true
I've never met as wonderful
Fantastic friends as you

I haven't seen your faces
And never shook your hand
But somehow on the internet
I feel as though I can

You've laughed when I was happy
You've cried when I was sad
You've told me I could do it
When times were going bad

I value every friendship
I knew right from the start
You never thought to judge me
You know me from "my heart"

You come from many countries
And many states stop by
Sometimes it's all with complements
Sometimes you just say "hi"

So on this celebration
To great friends near and far
Let's raise a glass and "cyber toast"
Each one of YOU a STAR!!!!!

Before I reveal the winner of the First Folk-N-Fancy Blogiversary Comment Contest, let me thank you for ALL of your comments this month. There were 51 people who commented with a total of 145 comments! Not bad!!

WOO-HOO!!!!!!! YEAH, DONNA....YOU GO GIRL!!!!! (ok, I'm done!) Donna commented 6 times by the way.
And because I'm feeling particularly generous, I'm going to send a little something to the top "commenters", namely, Sue at Good Yarns and Sue at Stitching & Life in the Company of Pets who both commented 9 times. So if all you wonderful ladies could email me your addresses at, we'll get your surprises out next week.

So with that, I'm gonna start another year here enjoying all of your friendships and maybe making some new ones!!!! Thanks again for a wonderful year at Folk-n-Fancy...till next time, yinz crazy guys......


Deneen said...

Happy Blogiversary to you!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

happy blogiversary to you!

Cindy said...

Happy Blogiversary to you!!!

Coleen said...

happy blogiversary!

Anonymous said...

Aw! What a sweet poem! We are the lucky ones to have met you! And shucks, thanks Lucy! I'll send you my addy right away. Happy Blogiversary!

Donna said...

Yay! Happy Blog Day!! Hehe I am so excited I won. I sent you my addy!

Scott said...

Happy Bloganniversary!

stitcherw said...

What a fun poem, Happy Blogiversary. Sent you an email.

andi said...

Congrats to Donna! Happy Blog-versary !!

Kare said...

Happy blogiversary, Lucy! You and your blog have given me many hours of entertainment and smiles.
Cool poem.

aj said...

Happy Blogiversary! And I'm happy to hear you're sticking around!

lena-lou said...

Happy Blogiversary to you and your blog...your poem is brilliant!!

Madelyn said...

Happy Blogiversary Lucy!! Congrats to the contest winners.

Annemarie said...

Congrats on your blogiversary!

kansas crochet mom said...

Happy Blog Anniversary!

Mimi said...

Happy Blogiversary, Lucy! Cute poem ;)

Sydney said...

Happy Blogiversary, Lucy! I like the poem.