Friday, October 13, 2006

I'm famous!!!!

Found this on Deneen's funny!!!!!! I personally think mine and Ed's are waaaaaaay son's is a little better. Check out Deneen's tho....I think they matched it pretty good on her.


Deneen said...

I see a little condeleeza-

Your son does look like Linda Hamilton though!

Vik said...

This is so funny, Lucy! I did it too!
Have a nice weekend!

Sue said...

If Carl Lewis and Condi Rice got together, do you think they would be as happy as you and Sweetie Man?

Linda Hamilton?! What on earth?!!

Mimi said...

That's cute, Lucy. What fun! I did it too, but not for my sons, as they'd object to having their faces on my blog :p

Dipsy D. said...

Now, this is really such a lot of fun! I tried it too, but the results were too weird to post them on my blog - me looking like Julia Roberts? LOOOOL ;)

old lady said...

I seriously got Heather Locklear.
I wish.