Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Lots of LABOR this weekend...

Well, after my dramatic poopy post, things have calmed down quite a bit in our household. Our little Eros is getting adjusted tho still pooping in his crate, but I sure that will stop with time. He has been going outside for the most part. This is a picture of him in all his sleepy glory.

Right now as you can see he is about 20 inches long and about 7 weeks old and is almost as big as Chloe who is about 14 weeks old. I will keep you up to date thru pics on just how big this little guy is going to get. He is so heavy already and eats alot for a pup. His little legs even have trouble carrying his weight now and his head is huge...but oh so cute. Chloe and him have supervised play once in awhile to get used to each other. Eros was crying quite a bit the first night so my neighbor suggested I place the cages facing each other close...so they are currently within a foot of each other with a little night light in between. Do I love these guys or what. Katie, of course, the elder, has the run of the downstairs which is good cause she is an excellent watch dog for me.
The rest of the weekend was spent helping Sweetie Man make a billion jars of salsa with tomatoes from the Garden. Check out these pics:

He was so tired when he was done but you could tell he was so proud of himself. He decided to call the Salsa "Ed's Naked Salsa" (made with the bare essentials). Cute, eh? There is a little story behind that name....but, ah....I think I will tell you when the kids are in bed.
Okay, next, we went to a big Craft Fair. Unfortunately I forgot my camera but I did take a pic of the awesome purse I got. The Sweetie Man insisted we buy it cause it was so "ME". Check it out.

We had a good time since it was also the best weather day of the weekend. Lots and lots of crafts in about 4 barns and around the grounds also. No yarn booths except one lady spinning.....but she wasn't selling the yarn only some weaved shawl things.
Oh, and I didn't really crochet or knit too much this weekend only this dishcloth...I'm sure you have seen this one...it's supposed to have the imprint of a butterfly when it is done.

Actually, I was almost done with this, but a certain puppy got hold of the sticks and pulled some of the stitches out. I thought I fixed it but apparently didn't so I just frogged the whole thing and started again. Oh, well...good practice.
I also wanted to find the Strata yarn by Red Heart at Walmart that was mentioned at a Cal I'm in. They had lots of different kinds but I chose this one.

I have no idea what I will make with it...probably a scarf just to see the stripes.
So, that was my weekend. Very busy but lots of fun! I'm definately learning alot about dogs which is really cool. And I learned how to can salsa...two different ways! So, till tomorrow, and over the hump day already...oh yeah...love these short weeks! Tootles.


Kare said...

Eros is adorable! He's gonna a big guy, isn't he? Are you going to track his growth? Can you post a pic of the two puppies together?
Wow, Ed's the salsa man. That's a lot of 'salsa, man'. lol.
Love your new bag. Sequins look so cool on bags.
Your knitting is looking good, too Can't blame a cutie dog like that for just wanting to play.
That yarn looks interesting. I haven't heard of it before. Our walmart most likely won't carry it.
Have a great evening! I'm still chuckling about your last post.

Christy said...

Eros is such a cutie. I just wanna be a doggie Auntie to him. Cute cute cute!!

The purse is amazing!! Great find!! I also love the green yarn!

Ed the Salsa man!! Mine is a Chili guru! We should start another swap!! LOL

Whats the scoop with the Red Heart? It looks great, but is there something stripes?? I'm lost :)

Sydney Harper said...

Eros is a cutie! He looks like he's going to be a big dog.

It sounds like a fun weekend. I never thought of canning salsa. That's a good idea.

Unknown said...

Cute pup.
My 'thasa lotta' salsa!

Sounds like a great time, sans poopy stories lol

Rachel said...

wow that is a lot of salsa! I love to make homemade salsa too and can it :)

ollie1976 said...

Eros is so cute. Plus now I'm craving chips and salsa!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cute puppy! Lovely purse! Yummy looking salsa! Sounds like a great weekend!

Mimi said...

My sons like corn chips with salsa, sometimes I have to buy and its expensive here. Sometimes I manage to make the salsa and they like it even more.
I love seeing all those freshly-made salsa, looks really yummy, What an excellent cook and sweetie you got!