Thursday, August 17, 2006

Just some talk....

Okay...let me see. First, to Meg who asked me awhile back about Percentage Bars/Progress Bars. I didn't have your email so what I can tell you here is that the site that I got mine off of does not have them on there anymore. (I actually just googled "percentage bars for blogs"). It was call Unlikely Words or something like that. But, try this site instead: There are a couple of methods on how to do it. I'm the type of person that can't explain really good cause lots of times I don't understand, I just follow what they tell me to do. If anyone has any other good sites, let me know and maybe Meg will catch it. (I'm sorry, I don't have her blog name either)
Second, blogger is still being a poo-poo head and not letting me upload on my main home computer. But I managed to get around it and have some pics of last weekend's fishing trip stashed away for tomorrow's post. Stay tuned.
I also hopefully will have pics on Sunday of items that I bought on vacation as well as the great stuff I got from Lynn at Fiberific (my one skien secret pal) and a cute cute bee that Mimi sent me. (ya all know Mimi!) It's just that I need to use another computer to upload for some reason. Sweetie man will be cleaning out the one that doesn't like blogger today.
I just don't want you all to think I forgot about yinz guys. Ya know I love ya all!
Also, I know alot of you gals read so please check out the The Great Bookmark Exchange. We are looking for more people and I sorta challenged everyone to get one person to join. It's easy, it's fun, and there really is no time limit. When you've made an exchange and your ready, you just let Juli know. I've gotten some really cool books that I may not have tried out. Just email Juli at You can even just do it one time and see if you like it. It's a cool way to get rid of some already read books too and get something new at no cost.
Oh, and also, the Sweetie Man has a new simplified blog in which he speaks his mind on all sorts of don't have to agree with him, but it's neat to read other people's opinions and voice your own in a comment...check it out....

I was tagged at the beginning of August by Swapna at Where Is She Now: I'm so excited...this the first time I've been tagged.....Here goes!

6 weird things/habits about myself

1. I have the longest hair of any almost 50 year old I know and probably pretty much the same style as I did in High School. (plan to never cut it either just to annoy those who think I should!) Nor do I have any gray hairs---honest!

2. I hate to drive.....I do it out of necessity. I won't drive long distances unless I'm forced to nor will I drive on turnpikes or big highways....makes me nervous. I will drive on country roads and around our town. I will however be a passenger with no problem. I also cannot read in the front seat (get nauseated) but can read with no problem in the back seat.

3. I drink milkshakes by using a regular straw as a spoon. (takes longer but it's usually worth it)

4. I'm afraid of asteroids and meteors hitting the earth or even hearing about it and if you start to talk about it, I will delete your blog from my bloglines. (I'm not kidding!)

5. I will not enter deep water in any pool/lake/ocean/river, no way no how no where.

6. I refuse to kill spiders....I think they are cute and will physically remove them, IF it becomes necessary, to safer grounds (not to mention, I would enjoy a tarantula as a pet) I would have no problem with spiders crawling on me. (I am however freaked out by centipedes!)

MMMMM...what 6 people shall I tag....let me see...mmmmm....
Okay...I'm going to tag...


Have fun, yinz guys...I'll be watchin!
Okay, that's that for Friday.....catch ya all on flip-flop tomorrow! Folk-n-Fancy, signing out!


Tiffany said...

I'm going to have to check out the Great Bookmark Exchange. :) I've been going through a huge book reading period (with my husband working out of town I can crochet and read to my heart's content. :) ) and I have overflowing bookshelves! eek!

Tiffany said...
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Lucy said...

Tiffany...also check out paperback swap (on my sidebar)'s great and I haven't found a glitch in it yet!

Mary said...

thank you lucy, but i am not ready for that i only have on pattern so far typed up and the tankini pattern isn't even close to being ready besides i wouldn't know who to contact to get my patterns published or copyrighted

old lady said...

Hi Lucy!
I'll check out that bookmark exchange.
You are very informative tonight. wow. Thanks for sharing your weirdness. lol.
; )
Nighty night.

Mimi said...

Thanks for tagging me, Lucy! I've been tagged on this before and I said that I didnt do memes on my blog, besides my answers would be kinda boring really! I'm thinking what I have in common with you on weirdness...
1. I really wanted to grow my hair, because I hate so much having a haircut. Only reason I'm forced to have it cut because its not looking good- its dry and frizzy most times. I'm sure your hair's nice, so you can have it long.
2. I'm the same with you on driving.
3. I can also use the straw as a spoon, but I seldom have milkshakes, or drink milk either.
4. I've got no worries about meteors or whatever else that might fall from nowhere.
5. I have the same type of water phobia.
6. I dont like spiders.

Sue said...

#1 ~ I've been dying my hair for so long I have no idea how much gray is there! You are lucky!!

#2 ~ I can't read in the car either, no matter how bored I am, reading is a BIG mistake.

#5 ~ I've never understood the appeal of scuba diving.

#6 ~ will you come to my house and remove all these cute spiders?

*Crochet Mom* said...

YOU SUCK! lol..i started going grey at 16...i am now..totally grey - i pooh you not! i get my hair streaked BLOND to blend in with my grey.

spiders are NOT cute..they are evil and out to get me!!!!

hehehe - really they are EVIL

Liz said...

Hi Lucy,
Stopping by to say hello and to wish you a wonderful Sunday.

Alexis said...

That is so wierd, I am exactly like you in regards to number 6!!!! Brett thinks I'm crazy for liking spiders and I am SUPER freaked out by centipedes and the like.