Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Okay here goes...

Well, Sweetie Man is home!!!!! I am happy. I'll be showing you pictures of my newly painted kitchen vs. my old kitchen as soon as the old pics are hopefully saved from my sick computer but for now, you get to see one corner with sweetie man in it! (I made the apron for him too)
You cannot really appreciate what the Kitchen is like unless you've seen the old one...but here's a taste of the new....
And as my guy is the best cook I know and loves to cook in the kitchen, here is a pic of the delicious shrimp-ka-bobs that he whipped up for dinner tonight and served on rice....yummy!!!!
Now for some great pics of some things my sweetie man brought me from Mexico. First is this awesome stash of yarn.
The only problem is is that we have no idea what it is. There was no labels on it or anything. It's very thin almost like a fingering weight tho I'm going to do a swatch and try to find out. It all has this small thin silver like thread wrapped around each color as you can possibly see from the close up.
If any of you know what this may be or what I can make with it (crochet or knit) please let me know . It's so neat tho.
Next I got this incredible handspun, hand dyed wool.
He saw a demonstration of how they make it too. Some of it is actually dyed with a type of bug for the red. There is alot of it to say the least and at least three different colors . Now they use this for weaving as it is in pieces not one long piece. If I use it for crocheting I will have to tie it but I thought the knots would make what I crochet interesting....I'll have to play around with this one and see what I come up with.
Next are a couple of purses he got for me. The first is a really great beach bag sorta thing with a nice zipper...very colorful.
The second is a hand weaved purse. Sweetie man actually met the lady who weaved it. It's really beautiful.
He got me another purse that I forgot to take a pic of and which I am currently using. My man knows what I like.....yarn and purses.
Well, I hoped you enjoyed the pics and the stories...if you have any suggestions on my yarn, I'll be happy to hear them.
Oh, and before I leave here is a little riddle from the sweetie man to yunz guys....(answer tomorrow)
If I have a million dollars and I give you a quarter of much will you have? (he made it up so think "corny") Gotta love him!!! Okay, till tomorrow....I'm BAAAACCCCK!


Brandy said...

Love the pictures of yarn and purses. REally cool. Answer I think would be a quarter....LOL

Sydney said...

I like your kitchen and that apron is great! He did a nice job on the yarn and purses he brought you too. As for the riddle - 25 cents?

Dipsy D. said...

Gosh - I can't believe what an amazing man you have! You wouldn't want to send him over, just for a couple of days or so? Okay, I thought so :)
A man who brings yarn home from a vacation for his wife, I'm stunned, absolutely! And such lovely yarn it is! I'm sorry, but I actually have no idea what the one with the silver could be - but the first thought I had when seeing this pic was "Socks!!! Socks!!!" What do you think?
And gosh, what an amazing cook your sweetie seems to be, these shrimps look so incredibly yummy!
As for the riddle - a quarter? :)

Mimi said...

The shrimp ka-bobs looks great and sumptuous!
How sweet and thoughtful your man is, those are beautiful yarns and purses!

Moze said...

What a sweetie he is! When I was in Mexico I watched a local artist do cochineal dyeing--really amazing.

Courtney said...

Hey everything looks great! Glad he is back and things are good! Love the yarn, it is really pretty.

Sue said...

He's a sweetie man all right!! Lucky you! Your kitchen looks fab!

Jaye said...

Lucy, I love your kitchen! I couldn't wait to see the pictures and am so glad you posted this little corner with your cutie husband there. Why, it reminds me of a darling little cafe - you did a wonderful job!

Your husband has great taste in yarn and fab taste in purses - he done good :)