Friday, March 10, 2006

Not to worry... I didn't blog yesterday. I had good reason. I was about to blog and then I needed something out of a magazine and spent over an hour looking for it. When I finally gave up, I found what I was looking for but was too tired by then. So I went to sleep. (plus my sweetie came home early....okay!!!!???) Well, will probably blog a bit later so check me out...back to the old grind! Tootles!


*Crochet Mom* said...

i was wondering what was entry for you? my day was NOT complete without having read something from you!...oh and i bet that was the reason why john woke up at MIDNIGHT and didnt go back to sleep till 2am! (first time that's happened)..never mind the fact that he has a coff today *lol*

I made two halter tops for heather yesterday/today...whoohoooo

when the camera battery is charged..there will be pictures (if my DARLING daughter cooperates! she hate anything i make her :()